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    THat's awesome stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuni View Post
    Created/in the process of creating a new character, mad scientist girl.

    Her favorite quote right now is: "There comes a day in every girl's life, when she has to learn that firing orbital death rays at civilian populations is considered to be un-neighbourly. Fortunately, I haven't gotten around to learning this yet and it came with a really neat remote control with shiny BUTTONS!"

    A (in my opinion) better mad scientist girl.

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    Assuming that it's in the context of an article in a magazine, here's one:

    Managing Minions

    I think all of us have had days or battles when our minions have failed us. It was their fault, but ultimately it falls to us to plan ahead when we see specific equipment, or organizational structures failing.
    Squad Organization: Do not lump all minions of a single position into one squad, especially if you're working with multiple species, or makes of robot. This causes a gross imbalance in capabilities and as soon as any members of an opposing faction figure out one weakness, there goes your squad. Furthermore, the more members of a single position they have to test theories on, the sooner they find a weakness. Instead, cover your minion's weaknesses with a variety of positions. In example, artillery should be used to flush out more quick-moving soldiers, in order to reinforce the presence of your larger minions. Alternatively, smaller, quick-moving minions can be used, but this method has been notorious for its capacity to fail, due to the relative ease with which anti-infantry weaponry can be acquired.Understanding Your Minions: While empathy is more often than not a weakness, an understanding of your organic minions' motivations is crucial to success. For those of you working with mindless or mechanical minions, it is recommended that you ignore this section. In example, members of an opposing faction have been known to occasionally cause defection, should they present what appears to be a better offer than yours. Remember, as some are emotionally affected by the well-being of those close to them, their care for them is simply another form of care for themselves. Reinforce your more unstable allies with benefits, but make sure to keep such a thing low key. You could have a small revolution on your hands if you don't. The less trouble, the better.
    Recruitment and Morale: First, propaganda is a good way to glorify a position in your forces. Honor is completely and utterly relative, if the civilian populace believes that a position under your direct command confers honor, then it will. Secondly, minimize reports of massive losses. The two things that civilians will act upon are fear of death, and the desire to benefit themselves. Do not let fear of death outweigh their own desires, especially if it's in the middle of a skirmish. Furthermore, try to make personal appearances on the battlefield as a strategist. While this may seem dangerous, subtle reinforcement of your position will lead your forces, and your people to believe that you are in fact, a great strategist regardless of your own ability. This will even further increase the effect that your presence has on the battlefield, and will likely increase recruitment rates as well.
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