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    All I wanted was to be a famous singer and songwriter from the time I was 4 years of age.
    When I was 16, I got my Broadcasting License so I could be a D.J. and play music on the radio.
    I did not go to college because 30 years ago singers were “discovered”; they didn’t go to college.
    I love electronics and gadgets; I would love to work at Radio Shack; I like that they have a “uniform” and I wouldn’t have to decide what to wear every day.

    I was best friends with the girl next door from age 4 to 9 - ENTP.
    I didn’t have another friend until I met my husband when I was 21 - ISTP.
    I had a very close friend recently who I worked with, but her feelings drove me insane – ISFJ.
    I cannot get along with ESTJ women!
    I generally prefer the conversations men have, to the conversations women have.

    Paranoia is the extreme, irrational distrust of others. I think my distrust is rational. :-)
    I am actually a very trusting person until someone betrays me.

    When I was young I decided I would never get a tattoo because I had heard that some people regretted them, and it’s very expensive and painful to get them removed, and I don’t like having regrets. I did get my ears pierced when I was 17. The first couple of times I saw a piercing in someone’s face, I was afraid I was going to vomit.

    I am a devout Christian. I have always loved God and wanted to please Him. I believe the Bible is true, but I don’t believe any one particular denomination is 100% right.

    Science: physics, astronomy, geology, chemistry, biology
    Math: geometry
    Pharmacology: I believe home remedies are better than going to the doctor, so I’m pretty skilled at nursing my self and my family back to health when we’re ill.
    Bible: I know my Bible pretty well, and a little theology.
    Meteorology: I have learned to be good at predicting the weather no matter where I have lived.
    MBTI types: I have been using type to help me understand people and get along with them for over 15 years.
    Genealogy: I like historical research; it’s like solving a mystery.

    I have always liked Ps better than Js.
    I was attracted to my husband because he was outwardly self-confident - ISTP.

    *SPORTS –
    I took an interest in baseball because my father loves it, and I wanted him to like me.
    I can’t stand football because of the crowd noise.
    I love watching figure skating.

    My favorite music is from the late 60’s and early 70’s. I loved top 40 Pop music the best. I love Easy Listening music that has a pretty melody and meaningful words. Occasionally I like some old time rock and roll. :-) I love anything by the old Crooners, especially Dean Martin.
    I taught myself to play the guitar and piano.

    I am now embarrassed at how I used to be. I was a jerk. I was an outcast. I couldn’t relate to kids my own age. I was angry a lot. I had to learn to be diplomatic.

    I hated my parents’ guts. I finally forgave them when I was in my 30’s.

    I used to tell people, “I am NEVER having kids.” I used to think they would ruin my life, but in fact, my kids have made my life worth living. Having kids forced me to become a better person.

    I know better now, but I used to be bossy and push people as hard as I pushed myself.

    None. I avoided people.

    I love Mysteries.
    Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries – when I was a kid
    Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes
    Jane Austen: Pride & Prejudice, and all the others

    I love Romantic-Comedies.
    Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks: everything they’ve done
    Pride & Prejudice
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Kate & Leopold

    *PET PEEVES!! –
    Everything irritates me. :-) No seriously, my memory isn’t that good. Every now and then I will say, “There’s nothing I hate worst than _____ !”
    When I read other people’s pet peeves, I agree with almost all of them, especially the ones about driving.
    I hate when everybody around me is breaking rules and laws that I am obligated to keep.

    I have a fear of getting in trouble with authority, so I am very careful with money. I would pay my bills ahead of time. I hate owing money. It weighs heavy on my mind. I’m very frugal and always look for the best prices. I will wait for technology to come down in price before I buy it.

    I used to. I used to be a tomboy. I had to learn to be feminine. I’m okay with it now, but I’m still not girly.

    Mostly jeans, a turtleneck and sneakers. I hate deciding what to wear. I would wear the same thing every day if I could get away with it.

    *VICES –
    I spend too much time online, avoiding my housekeeping duties.
    I comfort myself with food.
    I used to watch too much tv.

    I have avoided people most of my life. Sometimes I say something that accidentally hurts someone’s feelings. It used to not bother me, but now it does.

    Taking notes helps me remember better.
    I keep a sticky note pad taped to the fridge to keep a running list of things I need at the store.

    I am auditory first, visual second. (What about kinesthetic (hands-on)?)

    I used to regularly go to bed at 1 AM (before I had kids).

    Someone crying, someone hurting, someone in need of immediate help who can’t help themselves, someone in pain.

    I was always a loner, but I was always friendly and helpful to strangers. I was usually a friend to the friendless. I used to eat lunch with the smartest guy in school. People used to make fun of him. I didn’t.
    I finally came into my own in my senior year when I gained a little fame for my singing and guitar playing. Then I got to sing at my graduation in front of 2,000 people. I wasn’t nervous one bit. It was a dream come true.

    I am out of touch with my feelings until I get alone. I don’t show my feelings to others unless I know them well.

    I had to learn to be a giver.

    I would love to be held by someone who didn’t want sex.

    *SEX DRIVE –
    I used to use sex to control men.
    I could go 3 months at a time without sex (but I don’t because I’m married).

    I can keep a small space really neat and clean, but once it gets too much junk in it and there’s no place to put it all, it ends up in piles that I ignore.

    Almost every waking moment?

    Hmm. I decided I was going to find the man of my dreams, and I wasn’t gonna put up with one more guy I didn’t like. As soon as he did one thing I didn’t like, he was gonna be outa here! My poor husband was the next guy I met, and don’t you know I tortured him! I scrutinized him with a fine-tooth comb! As an example, in the first week we met, he said he’d meet me at 5 PM. He showed up at 5:02! Don’t you know I was gonna find out if being late was going to be a regular habit! I excused him after he explained that he had hitchhiked 20 miles to get there. So that was my plan, and I was successful.

    *FEARS –
    I’m mostly afraid of failing in the future.
    I used to have the fear of not being perfect.

    I’m very good with basic tools around the house. I don’t use power tools though.

    I used to think I wanted to travel and scuba dive and sky dive and all that stuff, but I stopped being adventuresome after I had kids and I was no longer interested in taking my life in my hands.

    *PHOBIAS –
    I have not been back in the ocean since I saw Jaws in 1974. I have even looked over my shoulder when alone in a pool, and sometimes if I start thinking about it while I'm swimming in a lake or a pond, I have to get out.

    To go to Heaven when I die, and to lay up some treasure there in the meantime
    To be thought of as a good wife and mother, and a friendly and helpful neighbor
    To make a significant contribution to the world

    being unprepared
    being rushed
    too much noise
    huge tasks that loom over my head like a dark cloud because they’re so overwhelming

    doing something wrong
    being publicly humiliated or corrected

    I have been looking forward to Heaven since I was a little girl.
    I sing hymns for people in funeral homes, to comfort them.

    Ever since I was 4, I have known we are here to do good and to please God.

    first born

    to not be so serious all the time
    to be more observant
    to laugh at my shortcomings

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    I don't post much here, but here's my contribution anyway. There were a lot of questions so I didn't go in depth on anything.

    Career choices
    art, graphic design type stuff

    Friendships with the two genders
    used to be mostly male, but it's more like half male and half female these days

    Passive aggressive people make me paranoid. Getting in a car wreck.

    Feelings re: tattoos/piercings
    I don't have any tattoos or piercings (not even my ears), but I don't care what other people do


    academic interest areas
    art, psychology, computers/technology, history, biology

    types of guys you are romantically attracted to
    nice guys

    I play tennis but I'm not particularly good at it. I do it for exercise...other than that I don't care much about sports.

    Varied across all genres but I'm picky. My favorite genres include metal and classic rock.

    social skills
    Could use some work.

    parental relationships
    Don't talk to them or see them much. I live on the opposite side of the country.

    interest in kids
    I always thought that if I had my own kids I'd be very interested in them and I don't think I would be a bad parent. I don't like being around other people's kids though.

    how you act when you're in charge or leading something
    depends on what I'm in charge of. I generally plan what needs to be done and delegate responsibilities.

    You mean like in school? I wasn't involved with anything but now that I'm out of school it seems like it would have been fun.

    favorite authors/books/etc.
    I love books too much to even try to narrow this down.

    favorite movies/directors/actors/tv shows etc.
    Yeah, I hate answering 'favorites' questions...

    Pet Peeves!!
    people who are always complaining about their pet peeves

    how good are you with money
    When it comes to saving and not spending excessively, good. When it comes to keeping up with bills and finances, bad.

    do you feel uncomfortable/out of character in a girly dress and a situation where you have to do the typical Girly Stuff?
    Yes but I don't come into those situations much. I don't think dresses are a big deal though, I wear them regularly... I think they're comfortable.

    how do you dress
    I look at the way the clothes look on my body rather than if they are in style. I like earthy colors and stuff that is comfortable.

    The internet, caffeine

    known areas of inter-relational problems
    Not listening to people, cutting people off, being bossy, being impatient, saying things that hurt people's feelings without realizing it... other than that I'm really sweet

    known areas of information acquiring problems
    trying to memorize a lot of very detailed information that I'm not particularly interested in

    are you a visual/auditory/interactive/argumentative etc. learner?
    Visual. Auditory learning is difficult for me. I'm skeptical, but not necessarily an argumentative learner.

    early riser vs. night hawk?

    what do you find endearing
    kittens and puppies

    who were you in high school
    that really quiet kid

    expressing emotion in front of others
    Depends on what kind of emotion it is. I don't express strong emotions very often.

    gift giving and receiving
    It's extremely rare for me to either give or receive.

    Only with the person I'm in a relationship with.

    sex drive
    Average I guess.

    messiness/organization of living environment
    Messy, except for my work areas and my computer files.

    time spent daydreaming

    most crazy plan you schemed and succeeded with
    making major moves without saving up much money in advance


    hand tool adeptness
    despite my overall clumsiness I can be pretty good with hand tools

    wish I could do it more often, but work and (lack of) money keep me from doing it much

    things that make you stressed
    when things don't work out the way I plan them, people demanding too much from me

    things that make you awkward in situations
    too many answers for this to pick a good response

    death: how you deal/what you think about it
    thinking about my own or other people's? the concept of death actually bothers me a lot... I enjoy being alive.

    what do you see as the point of life?
    to be happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    Not sure which ones are female, but I am fairly certain Natrushka, GirlAmerica, and amber_rk are. I also don't know if they are active or want to participate in this thread. I may have made another social faux pas. But I figured one of the other INTJs may want to figure out who can be recruited.
    No faux pas, IMO. I'll answer over the weekend. Between work, a new computer, job applications, the upcoming long weekend, and the double digit pie baking experiences I have barely had time to breath.


    This signature left intentionally blank.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Natrushka View Post
    No faux pas, IMO. I'll answer over the weekend. Between work, a new computer, job applications, the upcoming long weekend, and the double digit pie baking experiences I have barely had time to breath. N
    What is a double digit pie baking experience? It sounds kind of scary.

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    *Career choices
    Am in technology, wanted to be in law enforcement/intelligence side for govt (which I did work for a time period, though I went back to the $ in technology)

    *Friendships with the two genders (just plain gender ratios of who makes up your friend circles/how do you connect with other females/etc.)
    1 best friend ENTJ since kindergarten
    other general friendships are either with men or other thinker women. Somehow I always end up with ENTJ women I naturally connect with.
    Feeler women and I do not hit it off.

    That I am over stepping my relationship boundaries/assuming more than what is..which actually I end up being more conservative and they see me as cold and detatched

    *Feelings re: tattoos/piercings
    I have one ear pieced twice, the other once
    I have two tats (hidden) both of significant emotional attachment/my grandmothers rosary around my belly button and another symbolic of my children on my lower back

    Non-denom christian

    *academic interest areas
    I see most everything in life as a math equation..odd as that may sound

    *types of guys you are romantically attracted to
    Very strong thinkers, independent.....I like feelers too who engage in deep thinking also.

    BIG 10 FOOTBALL! and I will try anything once

    *music (what you listen to/what instruments you play)
    3doors down/earshot/mat kearney/tori amos/godsmack etc

    *social skills (because we can be all over the map, from the limited previous evidence volunteered by female INTJs on these boards)
    I prefer to spend my time as very quality with those I care deeply about. I dont care to chit chat, I dont care to do most of the socializing that 'girls' do, I do not gossip, I do not go to lunch with co-workers.
    I also need to dis-engage if I get overwhelmed.
    I belong to one other forum, which is news/politics based. Other than that...I want to come and go as I please.....and most people see me as very quiet and as stuck-up.....unless I choose that they know me well enough to 'see' who I am....(and that is the truth).

    *parental relationships
    my parents both suck, a drug addict nurse ESFJ mother and a dad that is a cop that I have yet to type ISXP. I am endeared to my paternal grandparents who I have lost both in the past few years. They are forever held somewhere no one else can ever begin to enter in my heart. I will carry on their values and traditions into the lives of my own children.

    *interest in kids
    I have 3 (two biological, one adopted). Three is overwhelming at times. I love to spend time with them one on one. They are my life and who I give myself and my energy to at this time.

    *how you act when you're in charge or leading something
    minus the feeling, and all logic......people dont necessarily like my straight- forwardness.

    I love love love to read. I am not into tv or movies. If the TV is on it is on the news/discovery/history channel. Just attended a WW2 airplane show.
    I would say a perfect evening would be an outdoor concert in the summer-time. I also love festivals....
    I spend a lot of time at my childrens sports etc. *cheerleader

    *favorite authors/books/etc.
    currently reading The Reagan Letters.
    I love history/non-fiction etc. Especially WW2

    *favorite movies/directors/actors/tv shows etc.
    Josh Harnett/Christain Bale/Liam Neeson.....BATMAN.....
    Black Hawk Down/Midnight Clear etc

    *Pet Peeves!!
    bad breath
    people who touch me physically that i dont have a bond with
    know it all's
    dysfunctional sensor-feelers such as my mother
    emotional fence-sitters
    people whose words and actions dont match

    *how good are you with money
    good/planning for the future/not in debt except house renovation

    *do you feel uncomfortable/out of character in a girly dress and a situation where you have to do the typical Girly Stuff?
    No, I dont care to interact with girly-girls...however I am not uncomfortable in my own version of girly in the least

    *how do you dress
    depending on the occasion....Audrey Hepburn/tom-boy at home when relaxing
    I love pencil skirts, pearls and heels...although I can put on a flannel shirt and leggins and feel just as much myself

    caffeine, high quality clothes, purses and shoes....ISTJ men

    *known areas of inter-relational problems
    If I am vunerable (which is rare and a choice) and someone gives me a signal they arent sure of their feelings I am destroyed. The rest of the population, I could care less about. I am way too trusting, it has burned me.

    *known areas of information acquiring problems (i.e. study methods/tips/areas of weakness/how you use your strengths to gather information)
    I am an information gathering machine......I know a little about a whole lot of things and am an expert on a few things that I know inside and out.

    *are you a visual/auditory/interactive/argumentative etc. learner?

    *early riser vs. night hawk?
    I prefer the day, however my ENTJ best friend is a nigh hawk and keeps me up far too late on the phone

    *what do you find endearing
    kindness, vunerablity balanced with strength

    *who were you in high school
    I had a passion for the smart nerds because I loved their brains although I caved into the popular group because that is where there was the least problems to deal with.....and I didnt know myself well at all....I always felt odd because the girly-girls and I were polar opposites.....

    *expressing emotion in front of others
    only those I truly trust

    *gift giving and receiving
    giver...receiving is painful

    high with my children/high with the man in my life if we are emotionally healthy

    *sex drive
    M E O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *messiness/organization of living environment
    clean and organized, not OCD........though I wish I were....ha

    *time spent daydreaming
    more distracted by reading/thinking about subjects at hand etc...not necessarily daydreaming....

    *most crazy plan you schemed and succeeded with
    adopt a child in a foreign country(decided this in Jr. High)

    being blindsided by something emotional.....anything else, bring it on!

    *hand tool adeptness
    I think I am missing something in this question? like a drill?

    I love to travel, especially road trips!

    that I will be like my mother

    *life goals
    be one of Charlie's Angels......

    *things that make you stressed
    details......pressure emotionally

    *things that make you awkward in situations
    I have adapted and do well for the most part

    *death: how you deal/what you think about it
    it is apart of life, and this is only the beginning.....of eternity

    *what do you see as the point of life?
    the main point of being is to be as efficient and useful in your life as possible, bringing as many people as you love and know to see in you a reason to want to explore the inner understanding and grace placed upon you by God......because that is the summary of what my existance will ultimately be.

    shew, that was A LOT of sharing!

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    I'd be quite interested to know how INTJ's in general score in that Enneagram test.

    Supposedly most fit into 5, which is the enquirer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veneti View Post
    I'd be quite interested to know how INTJ's in general score in that Enneagram test.

    Supposedly most fit into 5, which is the enquirer.
    5w6 but i was a 3(i think?) when i was younger; the "need to be seen as successful without failure" part of me. it was unhealthy.
    *You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.
    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
    C.S. Lewis

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    *Career choices
    originally wanted to be a motor mechanic. In Australia in the 70s there were no female motor mechanics. I am petite. I got laughed at for trying, but try I did. Did arts at Uni = no job. Did business computing and worked in a very INTJ appropriate set of roles in a male dominated industry (male dominated industries tend to pay better as an added bonus). Now I am trying Ceramics. A great technically challenging art form. A lifetime of learning awaits....

    *Friendships with the two genders (just plain gender ratios of who makes up your friend circles/how do you connect with other females/etc.)
    At school I only had a 1 or 2 female friends at a time. From University onwards and in work I tended to collect male friends (again 2-5 in my life at any time). My 2 closest male friends are INTJ (one for sure, and one my estimation). I have 2 female friends - one is INTJ and the other I haven't analysed. She is probably an ENFJ. My late husband was an ENTJ - I was his plan de-bugger.

    Few if any.

    *Feelings re: tattoos/piercings
    "For those that like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing that they like".

    Faith and belief need to be saved from organised religion. I am strongly influenced by christian and buddhist teachings. I believe in an "ethical life"

    *academic interest areas
    Anything that gets me curious I will at least do a quick explore of and it may become a big interest if interesting enough or is useful/applicable elsewhere in my life/activities.

    *types of guys you are romantically attracted to (or, i suppose, females, too)
    INTJs, ENTJ (married to one once), I think I'd need an I and an N but an INFJ might be nice....

    Nothing competitive or expensive. Promotes health and can be useful Walking (urban and in the bush) cycling and pilates/yoga for body. I used to do weight training and running.

    *music (what you listen to/what instruments you play)
    don't play anything. Love almost any kind of music - it really depends on each piece/performer. At the moment I am really into contemporary world music - esp African.

    *social skills (because we can be all over the map, from the limited previous evidence volunteered by female INTJs on these boards)
    Developed in a work environment. I learned to do "smooth and sociable" and even modest/brief "small talk" quite well. I am not a joiner. I don't hang out with others at lunch times / after work or study unless the people interest me and I can relax with them. My communication tends to be a bit direct for some folks. I am very good at extracting information/opinions from people for work and in social situations.

    *parental relationships
    good relationship with my Mother (probably an INTx) - very close. Dad also good - he was probably an INFP but not sure - but I had less in common with him. Both are long dead so I really haven't analysed them for a long time.

    *interest in kids
    ummmm. Biological clock only ticked a couple of times and I didn't hear it. Not real keen on little kids. Teenagers are a bit more fun. I enjoy my teenaged niece in small doses. Other people's children are great. You can give them back at the end of the day.....

    *how you act when you're in charge or leading something
    I like leading only when nobody else will. I have a "plan" and I don't get bossy I just "keep measuring progress" and helping folks address obstacles to progress. I don't like asserting myself as the "boss", but will do if absolutely necessary.

    movies/reading/physical activities.

    *favorite authors/books/etc.
    anything with chewy ideas about life/universe. I was a voracious reader when I was a kid. I was reading way ahead of my age. I like foreign writing by folks such as Amos Oz, McCall-Smith and the more classical stuff.

    *favorite movies/directors/actors/tv shows etc.
    TV show - probable all time favourites are Northern Exposure and Six Feet Under. Many European and Asian director's work interests me.
    Movies that come to mind are "blood simple", "Fargo", "The lives of others".

    *Pet Peeves!!
    whinny types - who complain and have the ability to fix something but won't.

    *how good are you with money
    Very good. A wallet retentive. Never spent more than a certain % of what I've earned. Don't want "stuff" want travel and adventure (my biggest 2 budget items!)

    *do you feel uncomfortable/out of character in a girly dress and a situation where you have to do the typical Girly Stuff?
    I own only 3 dresses and 1 skirt - they only get worn on very special occassions when a trouser suit would look to "business like". Don't do makeup and have low maintenance short hair. I only just managed to keep myself within corporate dress standards - good clothes but grooming a bit "too simple" was the criticism.

    some girly stuff is OK, to me it is kind of like playing psycho-social "dress-ups" something that I try out just to remind myself how fun but silly it all seems.

    *how do you dress
    very simple casual. No big brands - often just plain kids wear (I am small enough and the stuff costs less!). All my shoes bar one pair of formal shoes can be walked in very comfortably. No heels!

    chocolate, red wine, sweet food.

    *known areas of inter-relational problems
    being too analytical of others (seeing through them) bugs people.
    often too direct with folks.
    I disappear when social stuff gets boring/tedious.

    *known areas of information acquiring problems (i.e. study methods/tips/areas of weakness/how you use your strengths to gather information) I've got a good memory as long as I don't try to "memorise" I have to understand! If bored I slack off - so I need to use willpower to keep going when I need to do something for work or study that bores me.

    *are you a visual/auditory/interactive/argumentative etc. learner?
    a bit of everyting. It depends on the teacher and subject for me.

    *early riser vs. night hawk?
    I've been both - but overall an early riser.

    *what do you find endearing
    endearing? ? ? ?

    *who were you in high school
    invisible until bullies wanted a target....
    a nerdy girl who got on with most teachers (so that didn't help with the previous thing...)

    *expressing emotion in front of others
    When I know and trust somebody my emotions can be expressed fairly freely but otherwise fairly hard to read. "dispassionate" probably describes how people who don't know me well would describe me.

    *gift giving and receiving
    I am anal about getting something somebody would like and expect others to do likewise - I hate "token"/"standard" gifts! I don't tend to make a big deal about occassions (birthdays xmas etc) but if I find something for somebody I tend to give it soon after I find it and say it is an early present for....xxxxx.

    can be - but only with folks I trust.

    *sex drive
    Sigh. I need a meeting of minds before the body stuff really works.

    *messiness/organization of living environment
    organised but not necessarily perfectly neat. Tends to very simple / practical decor.

    *time spent daydreaming
    more than I should somedays...

    *most crazy plan you schemed and succeeded with
    Turning my hobby of ceramics into something I might do full time (a work in progress...)
    My IT career. I managed to do it with much lower hours and work than others by ruthless planning and scoping.

    Fear itself.
    Oh, OK, maybe being stuck on a desert Island with a lot of helpless airheads....

    *hand tool adeptness
    excellent. I've laid floors, fixed cars, all sorts of things. will bite if anybody comments "you're good at that for a woman". I have an extensive toolset.

    adventure - UK, Europe (solo), across Asia (solo and group tour), South East Asia (solo), NZ hiking and cycling. Africa (camping safari as a single traveller) and general exploration in more urban areas as a solo traveller. Local (Australian) roadtrips - solo. Last year I did a 10 day 3000km trip by myself.

    not keen on spiders but see fears....

    *life goals
    constantly evolving... always have them but not "set" on them - some of life's best things have been detours (forced and voluntary!)

    *things that make you stressed
    people who don't think and are "helpless" whinners.

    *things that make you awkward in situations
    see previous point. I want to fix or shut them up, but have to be polite and caring. Oh, I have empathy (yes, really) but only for really worthy causes...

    *death: how you deal/what you think about it
    Having lost both parents (mother to cancer, dad to heart trouble) and various other friends to diseases accidents AND having had to care for my husband while he died of a brain tumour about 5 years ago, I know how uncertain life is. "life is a sexually transmitted terminal disease".
    To quote my late husband - "I'm not afraid of death, but just darned worried about the last days/moments". That's why I don't take goals anywhere near as seriously as I used to...

    *what do you see as the point of life?
    learn, develop oneself, do no harm and try to leave something in the world a bit better because you existed. (not a "monumental achievement", it might be just little differences that don't last except in people's memories)
    "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first" and "Control is just an illusion".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usehername View Post
    5w6 but i was a 3(i think?) when i was younger; the "need to be seen as successful without failure" part of me. it was unhealthy.
    Strange, I get 5w6 as well...
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

    INFP, 6w7, IEI

    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.


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