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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiver View Post
    Take all the people you know. Take out all the people who seem to really care a lot that the rules are followed. Then take out all the people who seem to care a great deal about how everyone else is feeling. Then take out the people you think would rather be doing something than talking or thinking about it. The people left might be NTs.
    God this is well put. With one tweak:

    Or it could just be a very rebellious group of lazy glorious, inventive bastards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sachetan View Post
    Spot on!

    I get this secret society feeling with other NTs. It's like having a code that the others are not allowed into. Verbal acrobatics, slap-stick comedy, topics that only interest us (and I think it's everything but the celebrity gossip), instant connection even with the minimum interaction.

    The thing I love being around other NTs is that I can go as fast and hard as I want to. I dont have to explain references, I can use the exact word I want to without having to worry about seeming pretentious, I can be ten steps a head and theyre right their with me (or sometimes out further). May be chauvinistic and arrogant as hell, but its only when Im with other NTs that I realize that some of the difficulty I have with the mundane day-to-day bullshit is because maybe Im just not made for it and its just not worth beating myself up about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-up Rex View Post
    ...[stuff]... INTP bastards ...[stuff]...
    twue wuv at wast

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    I really don't give a shit about how similar I am to who I hang out with, my isfp friend and I will constantly break off in the middle of our own conversat-
    ions to laugh about some random 'duh' or accident prone moment and then
    we'll be like "anyways..." and jump right back into the conversation as if it
    were never strayed from. i help her be more organized and have her stuff to-
    gether and she reminds me to laugh and not take things like goals and thin-
    gs as seriously. I actually don't mind the more introverted SP's because I'm
    an entj, but I'm one of those loner extraverts. I'm outgoing and social, I've
    just learned a few bitter lessons about wasting too much time on who is a
    joke over the years.

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