In order to expound on which is better, and which I prefer (which is of course the one I see as better), I shall first establish clear definitions of the phenomena at hand. Analysis can be defined as the process of breaking phenomena down into its constituent parts. Synthesis, on the other hand, can be defined as the process whereby seperate elements are combined to create a coherent whole. In my experience, I know a lot of people who can break things down, but only few who can put things together, on a regular basis, and in a way that is coherent, intelligeable, and systematic. It is primarily, (though not only), for this reason--its rarity--that I place synthesis as the higher intellectual function of the two. However, neither the one nor the other constitute the highest form of thinking. The highest form of thinking is in judgment and the evaluation of results gained by the former two types of thought as well as when to employ them in the first place.