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    Being an INTJ is nice. I like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mycroft View Post
    I think part of the reason we're typically so unconcerned with other people's perceptions of or comments on us is because they can never be as harsh as the critics in our heads.

    Quote Originally Posted by sriv View Post
    Being an INTJ is misery, but meeting one is great.
    I'm not miserable. Far from it. I like me. I'd like to meet more like me too.

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    That is probably because you are a slightly expressed intj.
    Reyson: ...If you were to change your ways, I'm sure we could rebuild the relationship the two of us once shared.

    Naesala: Oh no, that I could never do. You see, humans are essential to the fulfillment of my ambitions.

    Reyson: You've changed, Naesala. If this is the path you've chosen, I've nothing left to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sriv View Post
    That is probably because you are a slightly expressed intj.
    Are you not the slightly expressed INTJ here? Little letters here may just mean that he's too lazy to hit the shift key...

    Well, I like being an INTJ too. Most of the time it feels like you know what you're doing... but when you don't, you just kind of mentally drop out. And it can be an exhausting feeling.

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    Ni for the win. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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    Default INTJ: Thinks for His Supper

    I know a couple online and a couple IRL (hubby is one). They like structure and, therefore, bullet-point lists.

    * Excellent system analysts -- This gets them in trouble with the sensitive, at times, but they are great at:
    - dissecting any system,
    - thinking of ways it would run more efficiently,
    - developing a main plan as well as contingency plans on how this efficiency can be achieved, and then,
    - either communicating the plans so others can implement them or actually doing it themselves.

    * Objectively and sincerely kind -- When they care about another, it is genuine compassion and empathy. It is expressed by taking the time to think through solutions to the problem and making suggestions (or implementing the solution, if the person in need is helpless). What I admire about them is their objective analysis of when to help and when to walk away. They value their own time, wanting to make themselves as productive in the time frame as possible. If the person rejects the help or insists on getting into the same situation repeatedly ("lost cause"), then the INTJs I know will walk away.

    * Style of humor is adaptable and they monitor well where to use each style. If they respect you but don't know you well, they'll tune the style to be light and general (non-offensive to most). If you haven't earned respect, they'll either not express humor at all or say just enough to get you to move along. If they respect you and know you well, their natural, unfettered style (sharp, sarcastic analogies; dry; intelligent) is great (George Carlin or Douglas Adams rather than Adam Sandler). It meshes well with my own, so I have fun with them.

    * As mentioned by others, very persistent, persevering. Expecially true when they know the idea is worthy and able to make a system better or help others long-term.

    * Good at determining the motives and perspectives of others.

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    ^That's a great description.

    I've only known one irl. If he is true to type I suspect I would get along well with other INTJs as friends. He is highly imaginative while remaining practical. Efficiency is his byword, he is pretty tightly wound but in a more relaxed setting he will loosen up a little. I love posing a question to him and watching him go to work on the answer. His explanations and justifications are very elegant and precise. I find that we really communicate well, we both use a lot of figurative speech, it's very satisfying, we have the best conversations.

    Also, once you get used to the blistering honesty, which is bracing at first, never having to guess at where you stand with this person is quite nice. INTJs seem to either like your company or they don't. I think it's the kind of friendship that is difficult to start but once you reach a certain point it's fairly unshakable, as long as the non-INTJ does most of the contacting.
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    They give the impression of being steady.

    They are confident in their knowledge.

    They are very intelligent and competent, but that's a given.

    In my observation (I know around three irl, and my father is likely one) they can be somewhat fragile inside, and this just makes me like them even more.

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    All the praise and compliments........I wish I was an intj

    Wait, I am........and it comes with a hefty price tag. Its not a "fun" type...but ruling the free world is an exhausting job. How did I get suckered into this...and does anyone know how to make it stop? Its not fair, I tells ya.....I want to ride unicorns naked and bask in the safety of rainbows. That biting sense of humor is based out of desperation...we know that no one is going to save us.
    "A species of perfection and fantasy"......

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