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    I am sensitive to critique that I care about. As the years go by I notice I do become less and less sensitive as a result from being decreasingly less critisized by those around me.

    What this means is I think INTP's are probably as sensitive, if not more so, to critique the INTP believes to be true him or herself. But if the INTP does not put any weight to the critique him or herself, he/she wouldn't care about it unless maybe if the person is important to them, but even then it's more like being sentitive to that person rather than to that persons critique.

    I would like to say that I experience critique less and less because I take the critique I care about to heart and work towards fixing it. And sometimes this certainly is the case. But more often than not I've realized that I instead found a way around the issue alltogether, essentially nullifying the issue without directly adressing it.

    One thing is for sure, many of my lifestyle choices can be directly linked to my sensitivity towards critique that I myself also put weight to. So saying I am not a sensitive person is probably an insult to my life. Even though 'sensitive' is not how anyone around me would describe me.
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    I'm generally quite indifferent and nonchalant, however if I feel as though someone has aggressively wronged me or otherwise been egregiously offensive, I'll be quite hurt and have my shadow Fi will be manifested in quite intense and passionate manner. Usually just stewing all pissed off, replying, ruminating, and evaluating it through Ti-Si; perhaps venting to a few friends about it.

    So in short, I'm by default very non sensitive, but can selectively be sensitive ('raw nerves'). We rarely show it though.

    Me and an ENTP friend of mine back at high school (around 16-17) used to play this game where we'd insult and troll each other, and the first to display strong emotion loses. No matter what he said, I always maintained a stone face. Did almost get punched once playing this with him (mentioned an ex). Was all in good fun though.
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