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    I've become far more selective about the where, what, when, who and even the why, therefore I am less likely to socialize because others think I should. Now, when I do participate, it is something to enjoy rather than endure, and since I am a willing participant, we all seem to benefit from the experience.
    “Naked to unknown forces, fortune evades mere understanding. The trial of effort.
    The dream of change. Such a place might Hell be to thought and action.”

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    I think the INTP, in it's pure, un-managed form, can be a very unhealthy archetype

    1. INTP's aren't exactly the most employable archetype. (in terms of corporate needs)

    2. Most young INTPs just troll around the web. I mean, our real-life sociability is already questionable, why still extend it in the virtual realm?

    That's basically creating a double/triple whammy of loser-ness in us, if we don't progress, or tweak ourselves a bit.

    Between sociability and work ethics, I think the former is more manageable, if not something that can be realistically improved. I mean, why retain layers and layers of liability.

    For one, INTPs probably understand MBTI more than any other archetype (and is possibly the achetype that needs of understanding it the most, because it's the most sensible framework of idea that explains the INTP quirkiness).

    From there, understanding a significant fraction of the other archetypes is easy. MBTI is is a significant workaround model, even if we may take it to a lesser regard because of the many intangibles it presents.

    Sociability can inevitably follow.

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