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    In MBTI, the J vs P determines the extroverted function. For introverts, this corresponds with their secondary function, which makes an INTJ NiTeFiSe (due to extroverted judgement) and an INTP TiNeSiFe (due to extroverted perception). In Socionics, the J vs P determines the dominant function, which makes an INTj TiNeSiFe (due to dominant judgement) and an INTp NiTeFiSe (due to dominant perception). Though apparently Socionics function descriptions differ from MBTI function descriptions, so some people do end up with the same type in both systems regardless of this.

    EDIT: As this is on the next page, I feel it appropriate to mention that this is in response to the type system confusion and not to the OP.
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    For the confused, here is a link with a pretty chart at the bottom showing the order of the functions.

    I agree with Matthew, often people have good use of the opposite orientation of their dominant function and even their auxiliary one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-up Rex View Post
    So in the interest of quid pro quo--you trying to score with a ENTJ or a INTP?
    what??? No scoring involved thank you very much!

    I use more Te than the average. It can feel very odd compared to days when Fi is a bit more prevalent. By being able to compare the Te days to what you guys who are Te dominant feel like, it helps me feel a bit more normal.

    From what I have seen Te dominant and aux users annoy the living shit out of Ti dominant and aux users.

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