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    Default Distracted by function?


    I'm on my deck seated around a table with an ESTJ, INFP, IST* and INTP brother. The conversation is about cars - buying and upgrading.

    A sentence will be spoken and all that goes through my mind is "that should be a quote for __ function".

    The INTP is all about seeing the parts of the car as a whole. The most important aspect of the part is the function. How it works, how to improve it, why it's important. The ESTJ is all about getting the parts correctly. Maybe one of the most important aspects of that part is the name, followed by the bottom-line result of what that part upgrade will produce.
    The IST* is not concerned with the performance as much at the random titles. 1997 Pontiac Bonneville. Is it bad? Yes. Why? Because it sucks. Why? Because it's a Chevy.

    Ultimately, it's a car. Who really gives a fuck? The human mind and how it relates to all subjects is more interesting. They may be talking about cars, but I'm looking at how they think about them.

    Sometimes I feel that I get distracted by Type. I get this overwhelming awareness that people are just preaching out of their type. Your conversations, observations, orientations, perceptions and - ultimately- life is dominated by it.

    Meanwhile, I'm wondering why I'm not fascinated with the impressive clematis engulfing the deck railing. Or why I'm not filling out App's for school. Clearly because this is more interesting to me. But why is it?

    Ultimately this post is about observation and perception (or visa versa?).

    The strangest thing I've ever experienced is my life.

    Maybe I just need to be diagnosed for ADD and OCD

    Emo rant over.
    I know this doesn't follow the typical format for a forum post, but they're raw thoughts.

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    I agree completely. Sometimes it is difficult for me to hold a conversation now without knowing the other person's type, and if it turns out to be a type I generally don't get along with, I start to tune them out. It doesn't help that my roommates do the same thing, and so when I leave the house, I have to remind myself that most people haven't studied MBTI so I don't make any awkward interjections.

    In short, don't feel bad; it's definitely a normal thing to want to know how other people work, especially for NTs. I just have to remind myself that it's only a set of guidelines for general behavior, which would be nothing without interaction itself.

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