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    Hmm inventing..I don't think I invented anything new, if anything I take things that already existed and just make them better, my older brother being the computer geek that he is made up this system to hack into our school's files in order to erase all his lates and absences so I took that system and used it to hack into the school's network changing my address and phone number so whenever I skip school I don't get a call to my home phone but to my brother's cell phone and my report cards get sent to my cousin's place so I'm free to take them from there and change any grades so I can not get grounded...unfortunately it worked extremely well until we actually moved and my mom changed our address again...oh her face when she saw my third term report card.


    Now...I must pray that none of the faculty of my school goes onto this forum...or else I'm screwed.
    Men are like parking spaces/the good ones are always taken and the ones left are handicapped or to small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyCheeba View Post
    Not Really an invention, just a short cut/highlight of my thoughts. I wanted to be the first 11's sec quarter mile for a 04 Subaru STi with the specific turbo/most effeciency, most said it couldnt be done, but finally got it.

    Topspeed Tuned:20g STi Dyno C-16 - NASIOC

    Finally... 11's! - NASIOC

    Lame, but some car guys/gals may be interested.

    Really the only satisfying part of it is there is a template to follow, and fact i actually finished something.
    wait, that's actually pretty awesome!
    Ils se d�merdent, les mecs: trop bon, trop con..................................MY BLOG!

    "When it all comes down to dust
    I will kill you if I must
    I will help you if I can" - Leonard Cohen

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    I invented a violent, hate spreading, brainwashing, idiot breeding, unhealthy, stinky religion.
    The only issue is it has already been invented by some dude before me.

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    Hmm "violent, hate spreading, brainwashing, idiot breeding, unhealthy, and stinky" that would point to any of the three major conventional monotheistic religions >.<
    Men are like parking spaces/the good ones are always taken and the ones left are handicapped or to small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    I really find how you all invent in the physical world to be incredibly fascinating. My particular faculty is of more of the verbal/argumentative variety - I guess that's why we're both the inventor and lawyer type... ha!
    +1. I'm also quite, what's the word, ah....lazy. Pretty much all things in life has to meet and exceed the 'effort initiative' point, in order for me to undertake. If I can find the easiest way to get something done, without any actual effort from me, that's the way it shall be done. I won't go out of my way to create something that I know is already readily available and easily accessible. I wish I could change this about myself sounds like fun.

    I get to the point of a 'task' by 'randomly' reaching that point, then, scanning my environment to see how best to connect whatever is available at that moment, to get that task completed, with one goal, minimizing effort (excluding mental effort) from my end.

    There's rarely ever a pre-meditated goal with a plan.

    So, any 'inventive thought' then becomes something of an 'in-the-moment' phenomenon.

    E.g., I'm hungry. I don't have enough $ to get delivery and am too lazy to go get food or go to the ATM five minutes walking distance away. As I comtemplate my hunger, while having a smoke outside and think, DAMN, if only I had $5 more dollars, I could totally do delivery from X place, I see the neighbours across the street having a garage sale, and a person inquiring that they were scouting for furniture to furnish a room they're putting up for rent.

    There's this wonky lamp and a full-length mirror, that I have, and never use, and, given that I'll be leaving this place in a few months, and the headache of all the stuff to move/carry, or drop off at the Charity, was like, boom, boom, boom. Cost/benefit.

    I went over, spoke to the neighbous if they'd allow me to sell some stuff of mine, went upstairs, got my lamp and mirror, added it to THEIR garage sale, sold it within 2 minutes, to that inquiring customer, with $10 in my pocket. And, lunch resolved. With a fiver to spare.

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    Probably my best physical "invention":

    I hate unloading beer and soda cans from the carton into the refrigerator. Don't ask why, I just hate doing it. Growing up, I'd always just want to leave them in the carton, which drove my mother nuts. Then she bought these racks that only held 11 cans for some reason (cartons of soda and beer typically come in 12 in the US, for those unfamiliar).

    Well, one day it occurred to me that there's no reason all the cans couldn't be pushed out at the same time, if both ends were open while the cans were held upright in the carton. I open up one end, place it in the refrigerator, open up the other, push and voila! it worked exactly like I thought it would. A two and a half minute annoyance became a thirty second nothing.

    Yes, this seems incredibly obvious in retrospect, but it was satisfying at the time.

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    I think the Inventor, Architect, healer stereotypes were meant to be taken as symbolic. For example INTPs do no always design skyscrapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhina View Post
    I think the Inventor, Architect, healer stereotypes were meant to be taken as symbolic. For example INTPs do no always design skyscrapers.
    Yes, and this should be a big DUH for the brighter folk out there.

    Being the "inventor" merely means we're a bit eccentric, and clever.

    That's pretty much it.

    My "inventiveness" is about how I view the world, and merge seemingly opposed blocks to build out an ever expanding view-set.

    This leaves me with two labels quite often: idiot, & brilliant.

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    - Two different sets of alternate physics laws (which aren't equal to the "magical law of attraction" or the like - I wanted "our" physics to be included); both to include (a sort of) magic.
    - I guess three or four worlds/universes (depends on how "big" the story's premises are) One of them I've abandoned once I realised a "classic flat Earth with Sun turning around it" needs very wacky seasons (yes, I've made calculations).
    - Quite some board games, of which three are playable and one is not too bad.
    - A method to let the wash dry in our garage, consisting of two trestles, a broomstick to hold them apart and ten meters of plastic cord. It has been used once, together with a line from one window to the other with a ladder in the middle for support. We've done a lot of washing that day and suddenly it began to rain... so our usual "inside hanging methods" weren't enough. This one was co-invented with an ESTJ.
    - More than a few recipes.

    Enough? Did I earn my title of inventor? :-D
    Got questions? Ask an ENTP!
    I'm female. I just can't draw women

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    Nothing. Ha ha fucking ha

    I probably won't invent anything ever

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