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Strange that Lolita is hard for you to get through but you can stomach Bronte. I find that Bronte has written some of the most misunderstood characters in literature. Heathcliff and Kathy are pretty despicable people but so many people think it's a "romantic" story. It's not. They are petty, selfish people who, in the end, lose everything because of their need for revenge and selfishness and destroy the lives of the ones who tried to love each of them.
I think I liked the book because it was a chance to observe feelings "in the wild," if that makes sense. It's like, what if you take X feeling to the max and take out all the stops? That's why the book was still a pleasure to read for me, because the emotions themselves were pure and good even though what resulted from them was destructive.

I also like books that work well as metaphors. Like the way second-generation Cathy and Heathcliff wound up together? Perfect metaphor for emotional growth. And it "proved" that those wild, pure feelings, when employed in the right way, would lead to happiness.

As for Lolita, I couldn't stomach it because the emotions were pretty icky. Sexual objectification of a 12-year-old girl? Ugh. I also didn't like Atonement. Manipulating emotions - do not like!

I read a lot of short stories more than novels nowadays. I'm a big fan of Flannery O'Connor. Southern Gothic writer. So fabulous!
Word. LOVE Flannery O'Connor. Good lord, with all the books we like in common -- could I be an INTP??

Okay, I'm drunk and I've typed way too much.
Heh. So much for INTP brevity, haha.