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Oh, I find Monty Python amusing. One of my favorite types of humor, actually. It's not that.

Well, what's scary about your motivations is that from what I can tell (from that one song simulatedworld gave and a few others), there's this insane drive for expansion, pushing, growing, and imposing without purpose. That's what scares me... so much undirected drive and willpower being taken for granted, assumed to have an inherent meaning without even being looked at or examined.

If NTs didn't have emotions, that actually wouldn't bother me. They'd just be computers then. Computers aren't scary. They have no will. What bothers me is the fact that they DO have emotions, but the thought that those emotions work in ways that don't make any sense, can't be modified by experience or appeal, and which they have no control over. Is it not frightening to imagine a being with a giant intellect and several capabilities being powered and directed by a simplistic, unyielding will that has no idea of the impact it's causing? It's the stuff of sci-fi horror.

That was an extreme idea, though. Definitely not true of individuals. And also, I should emphasize it would really only apply to the nature of an archetype, not of real people. Real people don't have a single type.
There could just be an P-J divide there, too. There is a ton of self-examination that goes on with Ti, as it analyzes practically every thought and emotion that crosses through one's psyche. Examining motivations isn't necessarily an xNTP weak point - it's just that the interest of the activity that is currently engaging the brain can override the self-examining process.

I can see where that would be frightening on the emotional front. It's much as we get completely flustered when someone is being outwardly emotional toward us. Where you see it as concerning that we're unable to be appealed to or modified in that sense, so it is for us when someone is upset about something, we come up with a way of looking at it positively, and all that does is create more ill-feeling and resentment. I think there may be more in common here than is immediately apparent.

Don't worry, F-dom/aux-ers tend to have a way of derailing our great ambitions before they spin too far out of hand, either by turning everyone against us, or making us fall in love with them... the cycle balances out