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Thread: Rant on ENTJs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    Alright folks, you've all been waiting for it.
    Not from me.

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    Posts about generosity moved here.
    Relationships have normal ebbs and flows. They do not automatically get better and better when the participants learn more and more about each other. Instead, the participants have to work through the tensions of the relationship (the dialectic) while they learn and group themselves and a parties in a relationships. At times the relationships is very open and sharing. Other time, one or both parties to the relationship need their space, or have other concerns, and the relationship is less open. The theory posits that these cycles occur throughout the life of the relationship as the persons try to balance their needs for privacy and open relationship.
    Interpersonal Communication Theories and Concepts
    Social Penetration Theory 1
    Social Penetration Theory 2
    Social Penetration Theory 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    Posts about generosity moved here.
    Oh right, yeah, good call...
    Ils se d�merdent, les mecs: trop bon, trop con..................................MY BLOG!

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    The only consistent trait I've noticed is that sometimes they become restless and unbearable when alone by themselves for too long.

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    I feel as though, at least with me, we may be considered bad ass intimidating power hungry people -- I've notice people shy away from me A LOT especially at work. They warm up to me, but ugh - getting them to actually talk to me is a frustrating task. They just sort of sit there nodding their head and smiling nervously, .

    But I will say that I agree with nearly everything said here, even the negative parts -- especially those parts. It seems as though we may be an extremely black/white/right/wrong type - and that we can get the masses to do said right thing, we tend to step on toes while doing so. I'd say that if I was to rant about my own type, it would definately be with the whole being an angry bitch most of the time. That and the whole expectation thing. I set up this image in my head of how things should go, assume that everyone thinks that same way, and when it doesn't happen I just want to go scream and through a tantrum. I've gotten better about it because people had no idea why I was upset to begin with...

    But I really think I'm physically incapable of saying something about expectations....I feel as though I don't know how to do it in a way that is not imposing upon someone else's plan.

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