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Thread: Rant on ENTPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakuraba View Post
    "Unrealistic"?? Nothing is unrealistic. If it weren't for ExxP's everybody would still be living on farms and riding around on horses.
    I highly doubt that it's all because of ExxP's... Shit I couldn't finish a project I started to save my life... even at gun point. I just get too damn bored. Now starting a project... there is X^infinity of those in that rut I call a brain, so I can see where you are coming from on this. I just know that we get so bored eventually. My ENTP BFF and I have abandoned more projects than the accumulated amount of sperm killed by a 42 year old version (dramatization).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackwater View Post
    This is an invitation for all members to compile information on ENTP-problem-areas in the interest of ENTP-self improvement. Anecdotes, analysises, excercises, all are welcome as long as it deals with ENTP problems/ and growth.

    And remember: Just because a type has a potential problem area, it doesn't mean that you, the actual person necessarily suffers from this problem, even if you are that type.

    The classics

    Can't follow through on projects


    Social Machiavellinism

    Intellectually superficial and unreliable

    Over-competitive, pressuring others for fun

    Conjure up far-out connections between ideas that as perhaps not really connected (Foucault is a good example here)

    Prone to grow bored with a stable partner

    Impatient, ever so very impatient

    Poor external judgment, better at understanding others points of view than their own.

    Take big risks


    I hope to see some nice contributions to this thread. I'll probably add some more myself once my hangover passes.

    im glad this thread isn't "What do you HATE about ENTP's" lol
    "Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. "

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackwater View Post
    Can't follow through on projects
    Alright, I am seeing is that I am not a J, so I suck at following through projects. Come on, that is not an excuse.

    Here is my solution:
    (1) ambition and discipline: please get some
    (2)Do and finish one thing at a time before moving on to the next. Stop trying to get everything done at the same time. If you have projects ABCD going, choose the one most important and get it done and secrew the rest. You never have time to get everything done, especially rush in a day. If A is important , do A. Let BCD fail if you have to, time is limited.
    (3)If you have a hard time focusing, removing all objects in the room except those that are related with your work
    (4)If you love and enjoy your work, you won't quit half way. If you enjoy reading a book, will you stop reading it half way?
    (5)Learn to reward yourself: everytime you invest some time and energy or made some progress on the project, reward yourself like buying yourself an ice-cream or doing an activity you enjoy doing. You get more energy and motivation to continue on if you reward yourself.
    (6) Slow growth and the law of accumulation: don't measure your success by how much you complete and rush in a day, measure your success by how much you consistently invest effort on your work in long term. I can rush and get the whole project done in a day and then crash and have a burnout. That is not the solution. If you consistently invest effort everyday, even if your effort and progress are insignificant as a drop of water in each day, overtime it will start to accumulate, like compound interest. Eventually even each very small drops of water will accumulate into an ocean.
    (7)If persistance become too painful, learn to quit and give up (and fight another day if you have to). Only fools does not quit and give up if things become too difficult.
    (8)Don't be a workaholic
    The fear of poverty turns people into slaves of money.

    "In this Caesar there are many Mariuses"~Sulla

    Conquer your inner demons first before you conquer the world.

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