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Dude, I'm emarrassed already. Sorry in advance for my whiteness.


When I'm hangin' in the club
and my peeps don't give me love,
I'm like, why're you guys so rude?
Uh-uh, I don't need you dudes,
'cause I got -

Ar-ma-dil-los, ar-ma-dil-los,
The coolest dudes
At the zoo, they're -
Ar-ma-dil-los, ar-ma-dil-los,
They don't steal your cash,
They don't talk no trash,
They just look all cute
in their birthday suits,

Hahahhahaha that made me laugh. I give you props

Mmk, the the new song, imma create a new rap. Dunno what I am going to rap about. Imma just wing it.

Oh never mind, I basically just made it not go with the music. I just feel like being weird.

WORD OF ADVICE: Try to find music without words, or like karaoke, so we can freestyle without distraction.


Who doesn't love a slice of pie?
Hyper sweetness goodness
Twisted all up
I wanna piece of that
Straight up winners
Red Sox players
Were gonna own cause we
We are just so awesome
Did the Rabbi do it?
On an evil backed llama
I saw your karma flash 'for my eyes
Watch your momma come
come and give pie
some pie
Wanna give me her eyes
On mine?
Is it a lie?
No, cause the Rabbi did it
You illegal immigrant
Sit down
Have a smoke
Choke oh choke
Choke on the smoke and there you go
An infestation
I like waffles, no,
Give me your waffles
I am seductive
Make you wanna be reproductive
I'm electric
Let's go nuts
Let's have a party
Flying out the window
There I go
Party hat and all
Drag you down with me
Right into the wedding cake
Gonna make ya flake
And ya know
oh don'tcha no
your gonna come and help me take
Game plays
Manta rays
Double plays
The watermelon
fell from the tray.