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Thread: Ne-Ti idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenocyde View Post
    ent - you're not allowed to comment until you pick a team.

    puppy - you are obsessed.

    My Ne is the same as your Ne. I just filter out what doesn't make sense, kind of like your own Fi filtration process I guess. And people's feelings never, ever matter.
    yup, trying to put pieces into puzzles. sorry. I am tenacious.

    anyways what I really want to dig at is the step by step cognitive process. A brilliant crazy Ne entp I know said often the pieces are connected sometimes under the hood. Ne makes connections before Ti can consciously link them? Then after the fact the Ti linkages are solidified? I dunno, sounds nutty, I am not sure how to phrase this.

    It kind of ties in with some stuff kalach was chatting about on another thread looking for underpinnings of the way Fi works in isolation.

    I tried to make the guy give me time points between each step. It was five seconds for the entire cognitive process, but the linkages sort of bubbled up at various points, not quite sequentially. ten pieces of data/ideas in the linkage.

    He doesnt know anything about jungian theory but he stopped and said it was odd that item 3 actually came up cognitively before the connection between item 1 and 2 were established.

    Trying to understand the exact flow of events and ratio of events conscious vs subconscious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ne-Monster View Post

    So I would like to learn more about what Ne-Ti looks like.

    From my brief discussions with entps, it seems like it may not always be a clean process quite like the Ti doms use. But that observation is based upon very limited discussions with an intp and entp friend.

    When Ne and Ti are working together to explore new ideas or brainstorm can you describe that process?
    It feels very much so like running a marathon with the carrot dangling from the stick, and always just slightly out of your reach.

    You see the carrot, you start to get excited about said carrot, but, you've moved ahead trying to grasp said carrot, and it's once again just a few steps out of your reach.

    The point now: is the carrot Ne or Ti?


    ^ The above was literally me trying to put down whatever came to my head when I read your question, and I just started with "It feels like" and I had no idea what my mind would even think for it...and now I'm left with a carrot analogy, that's not fully fleshed out. (Ne)

    My Ti will make the case for why the carrot is meant to be the Ne or Ti. It's the patient one, the judging function, it takes time and evaluation. My Ne is my mind working faster than I can catch up with it. My Ti allows me to understand my own mind...if I'm interested enough in whatever was spouted by Ne. Hence, the carrot is the Ne, and those moments of seredipitous closeness in reach where my tongue was able to touch that carrot for a split second are my Ti. The ratio of Ne-fueled thoughts versus how much of that gets analyzed (A>B) made me realize what function I most realidy access...Ne.

    It makes it such that often times, I, as well as others around me, are real-time audience to whatever comes out of my mind,...hence, me getting a lot of personal amusement out of my own self.

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