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    Limiting belief, to believe that you are being demonized for being unable to attach, the language use of attach as a response to the way interpretation is a core belief. The core belief of trust and respect of reciprocity to feel comfortable in the presence of thoughts and emotions.

    I feel demonized by my INTJ family, spending time with them undermines my very essence. I've seen a Dr Phil show and the curious point, NF's may lie when critiqued to please the NT while NT's may critique when frustrated by the NF. The point here is trust as a core belief happens out of respect from being non judgmental from the value placements or lack of value placements in association to personal space. When that is violated the core belief stacks up against reference to the treatment by others and the tendency to express surface reflection alone is what happens out of being hurt for the trust and respect left a long time ago. It is the communication, there are key words that continue to be used, it is then perception to pick up the words that are repetitive to determine the reason behind their use.

    Projection is such that often times experience tends to be assumptive and judgmental as a defensive gesture to avoid hurt. The essence of family is to encourage and support, often times the opposite polarity of this happens, which is based on deep psychological migration from childhood experiences that get transferred to the present tense. For each persons reaction, is active or reactive to that which the subconscious learnt as a child. The development, the values, the core beliefs that are then transferred based on the experiences and the interpretation of the present.

    Yes indeed you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink I think it's a wrong proverb to use. To me it implies the horse won't drink from the water because it believes its poison, awareness. On the other hand get a sheep to drink and it will, if it dies you don't drink. It is communication, genuine communication based on respect and trust is dismissed with the people known closest, its in one ear and out the other faster than a tank, the walls and guards in place for self preservation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    Nocap... not listening or changing no matter what anyone says, I dunno if I'd agree with that, but you wouldn't care anyway
    hey man i'm just a competitive dude.
    it's just lucky for me i have the wit to satisfy my constitution.
    but that wit is more abundant than are competitions, and so is misdirected and turns into cynicism and misanthropy and all that other existentialist bull everyone fears [but secretly idolizes].

    actually, i'm like the pornstar onscreen a horny sea of frightened closet-freedom chasers.
    their sensibility and rationality doesn't permit they deign reach out, for i am [mostly] untouchable.

    [anyone who can make porn more poetic gets 100 USD]

    I see it all the time on these forums though, F's saying they wish they could be like NT's and "just not care". Right. Cos I don't show I care by crying and hugging, it means I live in a self-centred world of not giving a shit how anyone else feels?
    indeed. as a matter of fact, there is only one expressible form of affection.

    aside: i'm actually accused of the opposite to what you [say you] are.
    i'm accused of being more compassionate. of being more sensitive/emotional/whatever other adjectives there are.

    i think they say that just because they want to hurt the image they think i'm trying to build as a hard-ass. it's easy to wipe off due to its groundlessness.

    in other words;
    most of the time guys, i truly don't care. most of the time, i don't care because i don't even know there's something there to care about.
    but sometimes i do.
    we fukin won boys

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    Say again?

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