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    Quote Originally Posted by booyalab View Post
    it's good when it's really cold....otherwise blech.
    Red Bull N.A., Inc. is not responsible for introverted sensing or any limitations therefrom.

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    I love driving and motorcycle riding--especially in the mountains... I love watching the hills come upon me, I love the transition from the humid, stuffy, bright open meadow to the cool, dark green, refreshing air of the forest. There is this one route I discovered which takes me through a back-way into the Blue Ridge Mts. near a state park I enjoy, and it always feels majestic when I'm approaching the foothills.

    I visited the Great Smoky Mountains with an INFP friend a few years back. That was a great trip--so many simple, sensory impressions I've remembered. I took lots of pictures, and one of my favorite rides was cutting through the middle of the park shortly after the road reopened after a snowstorm. There were icicles hanging under rock shelves by the roadside everywhere, and all you could do was look up and see bright, shiny mountaintops.
    I keep wishing I had some kind of jetpack I could use to lift myself up and go *anywhere* I wanted to. I would fly high above the mountains, then descend on the peak of each hill and explore the area.

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    Does anyone else enjoy female telemarketers who drivel in monotone?

    I get a serene, calm euphoria in these rare occassions.

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    I like playing (real english) football. I don't find it "oddly enjoyable", it's just a necessity. despite being mostly into reading and internet, I couldn't imagine being someone who'd never played sport in my life. it would be depressing not to have that experience and the ability to play now and again when called upon. I'd quite gladly give up sensorish activities like drinking or going nightclubbing before giving up sport.
    dead man talking

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    The smell of laundry (especially linen) that has been dried on a clothesline.

    Has anyone else smelled that? I could inhale it forever.

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    The feeling of strong wind against me is always nice, rain falling on me, crash of thunder around me. Yeah, I'm one of the crazies who love being outside during a storm...
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

    INFP, 6w7, IEI

    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.


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    I love getting into a bed that has been just made with clean bedding. Preferably if it has just come out of the dryer.... yet I love the coolness of the sheets and the pillow *sigh* .... bliss
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    the sound of rain falling
    the smell of rain
    the smell of woodburning fireplaces at night
    the smell of fabric softener coming from dryer vents
    the wind on my face and in my hair
    the way the sun shines on the leaves of trees
    the vibrant green of the trees and grass in the spring and early summer
    the color of trees in the autumn when they turn color
    the sound dried leaves make when stepped on in the fall
    the smell of pine needles
    the sound of crickets
    the full moon
    the sunset
    the sunrise
    People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children.
    Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes
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    My thumbprint has a callous on it because I used to bite my nails when I was little. It's very smooth and sometimes I can't stop rubbing my middle finger and my thumb together because I like the texture. Yeah, that counts as odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
    So, sitting here in my room listening to some old electronica, I opened my window and the headlights dancing on my wall through the window creating shadows is really cool. I keep walking about watching them move, yet I can't figure out why I like it. Maybe it's the randomness.

    Anyone else?
    My reply to the headline:
    I don't.

    My reply to the post:
    The sensory thing is not about what.
    It is about how.

    An obstacle in the ray of light creates a shadow.
    If it were not so, we could not see.

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