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Never touched it - quite likely never will. Just not something that appeals to me even a little bit. It doesn't bother me if others drink (basically *all* of my friends do) as long as it's in moderation and nobody's getting drunk. In that case, I'll usually start looking for an excuse to go home, or at least restricting my socializing to others who aren't noticeably drunk. One thing that's quite nice about getting older is that people tend to do that sort of thing less .

I imagine that it would serve as an effective social lubricant for me (basic physiology) - which might at times even be worthwhile - but I can't stand the idea of doing (even minor) things that I would regret, especially in social situations - and let's face it, I'm not exactly at my best there anyway.
No offense, but I could never not try something at least once (obviously aside from extremely dangerous/stupid things).