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    But responsibly it is my responsibility to inform you of the responsibility involved in responsibly using the word responsible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    How long did it take the rest of you NT's to learn how to type those you encounter in your daily lives?

    What is the quickest way to learn?

    Any tips would be helpful as ENTJ's aren't known for their ability understand others.
    When communicating with someone for only a couple of minutes I will reflect on what has been said and done up till that point. I then think of the four dichotomies of the MBTI typology separately and figure out what clues there are as to how the other person scored on those dichotomies. At that point I should have a very good idea about what type they really are. Next I will think if the type as a whole makes sense to that person based on the descriptions of that type. I'm only still learning about what types have what functions and in what order so that I may incorporate that as well.

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    I'm usually hesitant to type too quickly. I prefer to watch for a while, interact with them in different situations and see where that leads me.
    Embrace the possibilities.

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