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    Probably because in my mind, messy IS orderly. Just like in my room, my brain is completely chaotic, and yet in my room I still know where everything is.
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    There is no real reason for it. I just am. though, if I had to give a reason, I would say its preference.

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    I've sometimes ruminated with my ISTJ friend (who is also quite messy), that messiness and tidiness of external and internal environments are somewhat inversely proportional...

    My mom for example, is obsessively tidy, neat and clean. Yet her mind seems to be to be a big, chaotic mess. Slow and lazy thinking all over the place, bumbling along with half-assed and difficult methods because it's what she's been taught, rather than thinking for herself of easier ways to do things. Conflicting emotions and strong attachments to people and their affairs, over which she has no influence and in which she has no vested interest, and over perceived obligations that are entirely in her own head. Ask her what she thinks of this or that, and she either won't answer you, or she'll answer something that's so full of holes, you could use it strain your spaghetti. And yet, she's certainly not dumb either.

    My sister however, is probably one of the messiest people I know. And yet, if you talk to her, you can see her mind is actually pretty well ordered. She knows what's what, what her positions are, her obligations, what they're NOT, where she's at, what she wants... she's sharp and quick and press as you might, you can see she's thought things through and connected them all together. It doesn't take her long after discovering a new thing or experience, before she's found more efficient ways to do things and she's as at home with her own company as she is with a few friends or at a big party.

    And the funny thing is, neither of them are NT's... my mom's an ESFJ and my sister's ENFJ.

    I think tidiness is more about S than any other function. Particularly SJ, though not always, as in the case of the friend I mentioned earlier. But it's not necessarily tidiness, so much as (perceived) cleanliness and order. Having things the way they like them.

    I think though, quite often, that the reason why my mom seems to need everything to be so anally neat and arranged, is because her mind's so cluttered and messy, she can't deal with her external world unless it can be relied on to be static and unchanging and predictable, because she can't be!
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