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Okay, I get that your point is that personalities become "cemented" during adolescence regardless of whether we believe them to be permanently programmed in our brains from birth or strictly the result of the environment during childhood. So for my purposes, since I claim to have changed during adolescence, it doesn't matter because (according to you) the personality past that point will have been the permanent one in either case.

It's just that I've really never heard that before, about personalities "cementing" in adolescence. Do you have a reference? For all I know, you could be making that up off of the top of your head.

Like I've mentioned several times before, the claim from both my mother and several other family members/friends is that I exhibited consistently ENTJ-like behavior until around age 11-12.
Dang it, I remember reading it somwhere, and I distinctly remember other people saying similar things here. Anyone know of a source to what Im saying?