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    The best way is through assertive communication.

    If that fails, move on.

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    Really depends on the context. Any legitimate unresolved conflict will linger in the back of my mind, popping up every once in awhile. I will likely not forget it, unless many years pass and there is no chance I will have to resolve it one day. If it's fairly personal it can drain me quite well and can affect my overall happiness (although I can be quite good at distracting myself). I have disowned some family and that is something that no matter how much it has benefited me, lingers within and stirs from time to time.

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    Aphrodite - I just noticed your question now. You were wondering if I had some particular conflict on the go right now. I think we all have people in our lives that we wish we communicated better with. Understanding what makes them tick is part of changing that.

    However, I am mostly curious to see how the different types are affected differently. There is always conflict somewhere between the people in my acquaintance and I'm interested in watching how each type handles it. Therefore I've posted the same questions in the NF, SJ, and NT forum. As for SPs, I've got nothing against them but am really not well enough acquainted to focus my attention on them yet.

    On the reserve where I teach, communication and conflict resolution are notoriously poor among kids and adults alike. I have realized that it is an important part of my teaching if the kids I have are going to be successful at school or in their personal lives.

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