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    Default At what age you developed your current MBTI personaility

    At what age you developed your current personality?

    I remember I dreamed of taking over the world ever since I was 11. Then I started reading books about napoleon, Mao and Lenin.

    I was quite shy and introverted in high school, but inside I was ambitious and determined to change the fate of my country. If I have to succeed like the great heros in history and make my mark in this world, I have to take many uncalculated risks. These people fought against the law and lived like criminals before they suceed, and many of them died for their dream.

    Back in hgh school, the Se culture didn't really fitted me, but it made me realized alot. The people that stands out from the crowd are always EPs, they had no reservations about failure and their reputation plummeting to the ground. Some of these people reach the top, while others become fools everyone mocked at. But what they had in common is courage, the courage to be themselves, to perform in front of thousands of people and not afraid of being judged as an idiot. I know that it is this same type courage that shaped the forces of history.

    As i grow, the the world made more sense to me, to do the impossible, I must overcome my shyness and introversion. I must go out there and risk.
    Risk is what drives people to achieve greatness. the world seem so vast and great, and there is so much to learn from experience. education has never taught me what it is like to be a perciever. To be a perciever is much more challenging than a judger, because you have to live with the consequences of your actions. The people who climb the world's highest mountains, who goes to a foreign country without a dollar in their pocket, and who fought in the world's greatest wars are all percievers. They carry with them not a plan, but a determination to succeed and a desire to live their life on the edge. These are the people I aspire to become. To truly live without fear, one must embrace the randomness of this world rather than be frightened by it.

    I had also become more emprical. I seek to learn from experience rather than be frightened by it, and put what I think into practice. I am curious about everything, and I seek experience more than truth. What works does not have to logical, but it must work in reality. I am interested in the abstract, but the abstract must be put into practice in reality in order to gain insight. Deep inside I am still sensitive about certain things, but I try to overcome these with logic.

    I am really fascinated by this development, because I think I was typeless in age 11.
    The fear of poverty turns people into slaves of money.

    "In this Caesar there are many Mariuses"~Sulla

    Conquer your inner demons first before you conquer the world.

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    I have no idea. I've always been sort of a day dreamer since elementary school and began writing poetry when I was in kindergarten. So I think it's safe to say I've been at least partly an INFP for some time.

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    I've been heavily INTP for basically my whole life.
    "All humour has a foundation of truth."
    - Costrin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Costrin View Post
    I've been heavily INTP for basically my whole life.
    Me, too. I just didn't know what to call it.
    Something Witty

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    I broke traditional type so use function definitions instead, though type order wise I think I have always been an INFJ base with a lot of other springy functions popping out and cycling around.
    'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.' - Marilyn Monroe

    This is who I am, escapist, paradise-seeker.

    Anthropology Major out of Hamline University. St. Paul, Minnesota.

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    I was an INTJ child who struggled to fit the ISTJ mold due to a heavy Si preference in the household. I often attempted to suppress my Ni dominance with little success; my personality stuck out like a sore thumb. I was known to be the family's blacksheep because I typically viewed things differently. Much differently. Not to mention, I completely loathed family gatherings and wanted to be left alone most of the time.

    Like the others, I didn't have the terminology for it back then. Everything clicked once I discovered MBTI and Jung. At least now, I've confirmed my weirdness.

    It took awhile for myself to be truly comfortable with the person I am today. In addition to being an intuitive and introverted, I felt pressured by my FJ family & relatives to acquire more feminine traits. Fortunately, I encountered other INTJ women once I started college. Things were a smooth sailing from then.

    I'm always looking for new ways to improve myself and my strategies, so there's no real end to my MBTI personality development.

    Here's a look at each of my stages:

    Age Range/Function(s)/Influence

    0 - 14: Si (SFJ family members)
    15 - 18: Developed extroversion & Fi (ENFPs)
    16 - 17: Accepted Ni (ENFPs)
    17 - 18: Learned Fe (NFJs)
    18 - 19: Improved Ti (IXTPs)
    19 - now: Se & Balancing Ni (STPs)

    I might revisit Fe very soon and combine it with Se. (ESTP influence.)
    "I cannot expect even my own art to provide all of the answers -- only to hope it keeps asking the right questions." -- Grace Hartigan

    Enneagram: Tritype - 1w9, 5 (balanced wings), 2w3; Overall Variant: So/Sx
    SLOAN: rCoa|I|
    Functional Preferences: Ni, Te/Fi, Ti, Se, Fe, Si, Ne

    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Looking into the eyes of a [Ni user] is like peeking through a portal into a parallel universe.

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    Yea, basically I havent felt otherwise, when I was a child; just didnt know how to call it.

    I was very curious, calm and inconspicious, when I was a child. Most of the time lived in my own worlds of 100 feet high war machines. Well that hasnt changed much till today .

    Only thing that has changed is that I am more inclined to step up to people who give calls, I find are not right. When I was a child I was more into circumventing the rules by obeying them, but nowadays I grew more courageous.

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    Early childhood as well

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    the entire time...became more pronounced in high school

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    Since I was a little kid.

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