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    One giant sparkly tiara.
    eNFJ 4w3 sx/so 468 tritype
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    1. Pay for all my parent's and relative's debts. Help my uncle and aunts recovering their financial deficits. "Buy" their 5 million dollar house.

    2. Pay for all my siblings' and cousins' educational fees. Buy them an office after they graduate.

    3. Purchase quality cars and furniture/houses for myself and siblings. Pay their apartment fees, bills and insurances while they're in school. (Basically fulfill my father's role.)

    4. Cover all travel expenses for my siblings until they're financially secure. And travel to see the best museums, buildings, cities, forests, etc.

    5. Help my close friends with debts, medical, schooling and housing costs. Hire a personal financial adviser for those who need it. (*cough* ENFPs *cough*)

    6. Feel good that I can financially support the artist/poet/history professor or the Anderson Cooper clone I'll marry in the future.

    7. Be relieved that I am able to support my parents' retirement.

    8. Help my siblings with their savings funds.

    9. Donate some money for child surgeries in third world countries, medical research and the Doctors Without Borders organization.

    10. Consider applying for a permanent Doctors Without Borders position.
    "I cannot expect even my own art to provide all of the answers -- only to hope it keeps asking the right questions." -- Grace Hartigan

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    Looking into the eyes of a [Ni user] is like peeking through a portal into a parallel universe.

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    Depends on how rich. If I were Bill Gates rich, I'd buy an NFL team. But if I were just normal tycoon rich, I'd do these things:

    1. Maintain apartments or small houses in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Vancouver (assuming I could scheme my way to a Canadian visa.) I really have no desire or need for a big house. The only creature comfort I really want is a hot tub.

    2. Take care of my parents and my brother and his family any way they need. Pay for my nephew's education.

    3. Put up the money to make a film from my script.

    4. Have a giant kickass legendary party for all my friends, flying in those who aren't local.

    5. Travel.

    6. Go to culinary school.

    7. Travel some more.

    8. Pay for a dietician and trainer.

    9. Get a chauffeur. I HATE driving.

    10. Set up a foundation that distributes my money to charities, causes and organizations of my choosing.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    Conspicuously expensive clothing, private jets, a statue of me and other stuff that makes the statement, "I'm better than you" to the commoners.

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    I'd pay someone to help me learn how to drive then get my liscense. Get a truck, and live out of it while getting degrees for shits and giggles.
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

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    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.


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    1. Hire some programmers to help me build a automated managerial system that eliminates as much formal business hierarchy as possible.
    2. Open a game dev studio using aforementioned software.

    3. Invest extra money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    This sounds like a good plan, minus the poker for me.

    I'd like to pour a lot of money into some no-kill animal shelters, as well as programs that would sponsor free spay/neuters in poor communities. I would donate a chunk to cancer research, as well. I would help friends get out of debt, and I would probably take a group of friends on a monster world trip. I'd build my dream home to specification, including a huge music room and studio.

    I think it would be fun to do that thing that Santa guy used to do--just kind of walk up to people during the holidays and randomly hand them $100.
    Well thank you T. I've always wanted to build my perfect home too. I think it would be great to design your home and have the resources to make it exactly how you want. I'm about to do it... with my dog's house.

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    first i would make sure I can live the rest of my life comfortably without worries about money, then after setting that aside I'd spend the rest on having fun.

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    It really depends. Rich can mean that you have lots of money, like a few million dollars, or obscenely Wealthy, like a several billion dollars. I'll think of the second one.

    First, I'd like a jetpack and some other neat things to make me feel like a superhero.

    I'll have a tiny little home with just a lobby and elevator above ground, the elevator leads down to 9 floors of awesome living.

    Bathrooms will be on each floor.

    BF1: Kitchen and dining room.
    BF2: Living room.
    BF3: Lounge.
    BF4: Enormous library.
    BF5: Visitor Rooms.
    BF6: My Room.
    BF7: Laboratory for the mad scientist in me.
    BF8: Enormous pool.
    BF9: Enormous underground zoo with automated feeding. Poo will be cleaned up by the fact that the bottom of the exhibit bordering the viewing area will be raised with a vertical incline, which will have a non-stick substance on it. Dung beetles will live in the enclosures. Enclosure size varies greatly on animal size. Due to the immense size of this floor, there will be little vehicles around the perimiter of the zoo on rails, allowing for quick and easy transportation.

    A couple dozen million will be kept for food, bills, and stuff. A billion or so will be kept for the will, and the rest will be used for philanthropic pursuits.
    I 96% N 93% T 75% P 63% 5w4 sp/sx/so ILI
    I'm interested in what you percieve me to be. Johari/Nohari

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