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    Quote Originally Posted by nucleaReligion View Post
    How about green technology engineering? I mean there's going to be an explosion of demand in the next ten or so years for mechanical engineers who understand alternative energy solutions.

    I'm currently playing around with a new design of solar panels and consumer (yes, consumer) solar electric source that has the potential to power an entire house for the day. However, I need some mathematics and experimenting to do it before hand. The motivation? There's an application to my theory and I can do something that has never been done before (something us ENTP's drool over)

    But that's only my suggestion, try something that you can see yourself enjoying, and if you can't, don't fret and listen to what your intuition is telling you.

    As a wise old friend once told me, "No one knows your talents and intuition better than you; so it makes sense that no one knows the perfect job for you besides yourself."
    Yes thank you. Green Engineering would be exactly the field of "Energy Managment" just dont know the proper terms in english.

    There was a guy near Berlin, I recently saw on documentary channel, who build himself a house that turns itself (the whole house) according to the position of the sun. So he can maximize solar energy output over the day. Highly ingenious and you dont even notice the house spinning, besides you look out of the window in the morning and in the evening

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    But you are right about the sales engineer. Its prolly better to take the chance if you can succeed at mech. eng. in the first place and then later on, if you are good make a MBA and go in finance / management ^^.
    If you absolutely have to get an MSc and you can't take more time to get additional work experience (which is what it sounds like) then this seems like the best plan. Most of the engineers I know (mechanical and others) followed a similar route. They specialized, and then, for whatever reason, switched into business and finance, either by getting degrees in those fields first or just by kicking ass in their interviews.

    My half-brother (an ENTP with a BSc in mechE) actually made the switch from engineer to manager-engineer without getting an MSc or an MBA, but he is kind of an atypical example. After graduating, he worked freelance for a while (designing folding bikes, vacuum tupperware, boats, whatever) and then decided his dream was to design and sell, ahem, high end sex toys (seriously). So he started his own business and that's exactly what he does now, lol.

    So if you ever find yourself in a job that's not putting your inventive abilities to use, then you can always create your own job that puts your abilities to use as you see fit. I totally understand the worry over specializing and getting trapped in a monotonous career (I got a bachelor's in biology, but opted out of a PhD because of this). But I don't think you're ever as completely locked in as it might seem.

    Anyway, now you have two more cents from a random internet person. I hope you find some experienced mechanical engineers to help you with your decision; good luck with it!

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