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I seem to get this from a lot of NT people I know. Where I can be excited about something for one reason, they get irritated at something for one reason. If they've seen it before, even if it's in a different form, they find it very boring. They pass it off as some sort of "generic plot with x blah blah" as if it was an experiment...
I'm new here Sky, and this may be old cabbage for you. If so, just nod and smile at the silly man.
As an INTP, I need HUGE gobes of Ti time. INTPs are often quite and withdrawn, even with company... a million light-years distant in their thoughts. If they feel they are not getting enough recharge, they will use whatever means seems to work to discourage too many interruptions. Personal growth to be aware and unselfish enough to be a bit Ti deprived is hard for the INTP. I wrecked a good relationship on account of this myopia.