read John Gatto's "Weapons of Mass Education".

Did I excell in school? No. I was bored, apart from Spanish and AP English. I did not think it worth my time to earn arbitrary grades. Not the best decision now that I am informed regarding grants and scholarships for college...but at the time I believed that no money equaled no college, so why bother with the triviality of High School?

Is Theory easier for Intuitive Types? Yes, I believe so. Not only easier, but more interesting to us than our SJ opposites.

In your opinion what temperament are schools most geared towards? SJ, SP, NT or NF ?
SJ's. Aren't they the majority of the poplulation? At any rate, schooling does seem to be engineered towards their type.

Any other thoughts on school?

Hmmm...I have many. But it would be more time effective for you to simply read John Gatto's books. To employ Mr. Gatto's terms: Government Monopoly
Schooling (public school) is a failure. "Schooling, properly defined, as well as how it is realized in this country in fact, is contrary to education.