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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ99 View Post
    Out of interest happy puppy what kind of problems have you solved that NTs couldn't (at all or as fast)?
    This is a good one below (few more earlier in thread). These problems typically are people contaminated, :
    Quote Originally Posted by happy puppy View Post
    can I run two different software packages on the same scientific instrument with the same pc, on different assays without violating fda guidelines for a given assay in different labs?
    There is a correct technical answer (yes), a marketing answer (maybe), a sales answer (yes, no or maybe) and a regulatory answer (maybe but it is open to interpretation and is the true pivot point)

    So what starts as a clean technical answer becomes a mess of a problem requiring consulation of ten different individuals and different agendas. The pivot point is who you pick to consult with and understanding the background, motivations, experience, and base interests of each before you consult with them. Also when you walk in the door to ask the question, are they happy, stressed, moody, pissed, or overburdened with other projects? Maybe come back in ten minutes, two hours or two days instead? Fi helps out here, even if only with an accuracy rate of 70-80%. Ne kicks in by recognizing all of this almost instantly and finding the best "path" through the puzzle-from the very start, within 30 s of problem presentation and also giving multiple alternate possibile ways to navigate the path. The logical answer may not be the correct answer. Te dominates those who get in the way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalach View Post
    Do you love your job? Gotten invested in it? Do you find it valuable to create solutions? I'm having a hard time understanding how Fi contributes to problem solving per se other than thinking it provides motive. Ne provides insight; Fi motivates paying attention; Te organises...

    Dunno. I'm slavishly following function descriptions in a bid to... to... something. Fi before Te is outside my experience, as is Ne.
    K, typically the Fi motivates me to finish crap but it's not the key player here. I think Costrin is right in some aspects that I use super Ne. I dont have to be interested in the problem for this to happen. I am actually drawn to puzzles/problems neurotically, then I just turn the gooey stuff upstairs loose on them and see what pops up. Perhaps it is the lack of Ti, moreso than the presence of Fi. Although in the OP, I do seem to recall Fi having aspects of congruence it seeks out. Perhaps those "congruences" make Ne-Fi extra sensitive to lumps?

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    I would enjoy adding to this discussion too - I work as a computer programmer, not necessarily your typical INFP profession. :P.

    My strengths - to capture needs requirements faster and more accurately than the other programmers in the office +. Solve client issues ++. Train clients in application usage +++. Sometimes, when listening to a client, I instantly see a solution to issues or what application will fit their needs. Very big picture focussed. I think that's the contribution Ne brings to the table. I love those sudden flashes of insight!

    Anything that has a human element seems more of a challenge to many of my NT colleagues. Plus, I find that they always want to build apps from scratch rather than repurpose existing code, or heaven forbid, use a COTS application! I once customized and implemented a COTS solution in 6 weeks that a coder was prepared to spend the next 6 months programming, and the client loved the finished product. It is easy to get stuck in the weeds when you are thinking from the bottom up.

    What my coding colleagues do better is ... code! I admit a loathing to pure programming; it can be so tedious to sit at the comp ALL DAY! And my brain appreciates a mix of function use. The pure coders always are so line-to-line focussed, but I like to use their strengths to align with my own to create a better product. We all need each other, after all!

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    Sorry, but this post is my Ne-kicking in because I don't see what the big deal is, at least now with how certain assertions have been made.

    If there's a problem and it gets solved, whether it be by an NT or an NF or both, there's no way to judge how a solution could be "superior" unless if there was some objective way to describe it or way to recreate and test the situation.

    The whole topic is kinda iffy, so I'll try to break it down like this.
    NT Problem-solving: It's like an instruction manual that tells you how to make a cabinet step-by-step.
    NF Problem-solving: It's like telling a kid why the sky is blue when they don't understand the concept of light refraction.

    That's all I've got for now. I can't break it down any simpler. In short, the "superior" answer is based upon what you're trying to do with the answer.
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