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    Be sure to bring Rad-X!
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    I'll take a crack at this...

    1) do you guys think you may be showing physiological signs of an emotional response but be unaware you are doing so? Ie you dont know what you are feeling exactly? So the NF picks it up subtle cues, tries to describe it, then screws up as you guys are still not even aware of exactly what is going on yourselves? (Just a Q I really have no idea, so no offense please)

    Everyone gives off subtle clues to how they are feeling, but most of the time I'm to busy thinking to really care how I feel. Deep down, I might be depressed, but on the outside I'm pretty cheerful. In the end though, for me, emotions are messy and just get in the way of solving a problem.

    2) Is it this mistaken perception, or the following persecution that is most offensive? (persecution?? what is that exactly, as that's a crazy strong word, and I hope I'd never do that)

    Probably both. I had a girlfriend years ago who constantly said, something's wrong, despite the contrary. I ended up just making something up just to make her feel worthwhile. Meanwhile, I felt lazy because I was talking about feelings that I didn't really feel when I could be doing something better (homework or new ideas). The relationship ended badly...probably because she always wanted to know how I felt when I had other priorities.

    So, it's the idea that A.) The person can be COMPLETELY off and 2.) They badger me about this or that, when honestly, I'm not interested. I solve my own personal problems by myself. Hence the reason the word "personal" is used.

    3) Or is that maybe they saw and tried to describe what you were projecting outwards before you had a chance to understand it yourself? And thus it is the presumption that they understand that is so offensive, when you do not understand quite yet.

    It's not usually a big deal, but I don't like people trying to understand me more than what I give them. Personal problems, issues and beliefs are just that personal. Society, I think, has gotten a little to interested in people's thoughts and feelings instead of taking their word for it and understanding the rhetoric. But that's just me.

    4) does it bother you more that they try and describe your thoughts, your feelings, or your motivations?

    Yes. It's highly offensive. It's a giant middle finger to my intellect, which I prize above all else. If I needed help, either I would have asked or picked your brains for the answer, but I will solve it myself. My thoughts and motivations are mine to know and I will let others know as I deem fit.

    5) Do you find this gets used as tool against you when in conflict with an NF? And then you are assigned feelings, motivations and such which are incorrect. (and on that note, potentially later, after analysis, could some of it have been correct?)

    I don't really know many NF's. I will say that sometimes people will try to use my emotions against me, but I'm to level headed most of the time to work. Most of the time, it's the other way around, I get the other person all upset because they are practicing ad hominem and not sticking with the subject at hand. Which makes for great entertainment.

    6) is part of the offense that someone would even try and understand your emotions? Ie its none of our business in the first place?

    Yup, earlier I stated I choose how well someone knows me. But taken in general, I don't really care about the population as a whole, I just do my own thing. I love people, but I enjoy being left to my own devices.

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    This thread has been enormously educational. Thanks for the explanations.

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