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The philosophy of training children to be geniuses has some validity. There is one key point though that speaks to the role of nature. It is found in a statement in the youtube clip provided.

"First of all, it is very important for the child to love the specific field, which in our case was chess."

I teach at a music school that has genius children along with "average" children. This is indeed the distinguishing factor. The children who perform concertos at age 10 love playing piano so much that they do it every day for hours at a time, even when they are five and six years old. What is that quality that inspires a child to love a subject that much? Most children do not love any given subject that much. If they did, then the results would be remarkable. I have no doubt about that. My hypothesis is that a natural inclination to succeed at processing a particular sort of information is the quality that inspires this sort of passion and focus. This is the step in the process that cannot be taught.
It's called entelechy and it's one of the key defining traits of giftedness.