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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleph-One View Post
    I got in a lot of fights when I was younger. And right now, I'm trying to figure out whether I should have a doctor look at my hand (I punched a refrigerator, hard).
    Aren't you the gym-addict INTJ? It's interesting...mine's becoming more macho and temperamental now he's doing that too. Also the fact that he knows he's getting stronger, means he enjoys using that strength and trying stuff out. Testosterone?

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    It's always been that I have extremely violent outbursts if I lose my temper. I just usually don't lose my temper.

    I don't start fights. If I do something to someone that makes them angry, I usually defuse things and fix whatever I did wrong. But if someone comes up to me acting physically belligerent for no reason, I run out of patience in a hurry and will probably get physical. That kind of behavior is actually very common in a Big 10 town -- the school's culture attracts the kinds of people who jump people for no reason, or otherwise just go out looking for fights.
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    I'd hurt myself when I got that angry - I certainly have tendencies to self-harm when furious or frustrated. Fortunately (mostly thanks to psychotherapy) I've managed to overcome the habit.

    Is there any link between NT and self-harm?

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    OP: I would imagine the endorphine rush is quite addictive with those who have a taste for such hands-on pleasures.

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