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    Default Happy 'NT' Mothers Day!


    You may not be so handy in the kitchen with muffins and cakes,
    but you really did a great job showing me how to fix my bike.
    You are always ready with a patient voice, teaching me and encouraging me to learn.

    You are the keeper of the neosporin because you know how much I like bugs,
    You are the Mom who let me bring my rock collection in the house and do
    'experiments' on them.
    You are the Mom who showed me how to use the computer and
    You are the Mom who brings baking soda and vinegar to a birthday party instead of fluffy stuffed animals.

    You are so much fun, and all my friends think you're the 'coolest' Mom because you let us be kids and learn from our mistakes... even though it may cost you an entire roll of paper towels.
    You showed as much interest in my ant farm as I did and smiled for me and explained about the atmosphere when I realized that the clouds MOVE!

    Thanks for being 'different', Mom!
    Embrace the possibilities.

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    That's nice.
    *clinging to my face like a starfish of love* ....... PinkPiranha

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