Yeah, I spent preschool and kindergarten watching other kids too.
And one of my earliest memories is at 2, playing on the computer in a dark room.
the only word on the page i could read was "blue."
I was trying to color a scene involving the Statue of Liberty but all i could get was the sky (blue).
I was a science olympiad kid and I never studied but somehow made the team.
We went to state and I got 11th place in anatomy, which wasn't too bad considering the time I spent studying (Less than an hour a week... Too busy reading fiction.)
I hated the asinine games my friends played where we were supposed to be animals.
We were expected to crawl around on the floor making "cute" noises. I hated this so I brought a book on psychology to school and began typing everyone at school, and made this our new game.
I typed my friend as the equivalent of an SJ, but she insisted she was the equivalent of an NT. I don't actually know what type she really is... (On a completely unrelated note, a few of the SJs I know really want to be NTs... I always thought this was rather strange.) This was in third or fourth grade.
I corrected my teachers' spelling and grammar. I also occasionally corrected my friends' moms' grammar. I generally tried not to offend people when doing this but I think I failed....
in 2nd grade they wanted to put me in counseling for reasons I forgot. I threw away the letter they sent home and never went.

A lot of you sound like you were amazing. Wish I had friends like you.