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Thread: ENTP Ennui

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    I think this could possibly be an NT thing in general. When you view things through the lens of intuition and logic you will inevitably be faced with the possibility that nothing really matters. Eventually, whatever you create will be destroyed, whatever you love will cease to exist, the material world is almost an illusion there for our entertainment and we all end up dead with our lives meaning virtually nothing in the big picture. Even our beloved goals are actually quite trivial in the grand scheme of things. One of the most brilliant men I ever knew was an entp. These types of realizations became so overwhelming to him that he left his extremely lucrative job, left his family and spent his remaining days holed up in a shack building computers and broadcasting his ham radio station.
    Indeed. My ENTJ used to get moments like that, we both did, but fortunately never at the same time. I was better at getting him to listen to nil desperandum type stuff than he was me though. Even though I didn't really fully believe it myself. Or that is to say, not that I disbelieved it, just that I hadn't made up my mind (and still haven't) whether I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ENTP ennui???

    Back off extraverts! That's an INTP thing!
    You can have it.
    we fukin won boys

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