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    the ones that I'm closest to (it would only waste time to write about types I don't know that well):

    ENTJ: I've met one that I know of. He's great, smart, but I can see how the conversations would put most people on edge
    ENTP: So. Much. Fun. Can be a bit disappointing when they finally get down to business, though, because you never realized you were having such a great time until they have to get serious again.
    INTP: surprisingly affectionate. My mum's type, as well as a few close friends, are INTPs. Picking their brains is like cutting a diamond, but once you get through it, it's definitely worth it.
    INTJ: everything an ENTJ does, an INTJ was thinking of doing it, and vice-versa.

    ENFJ: makes no sense to me. ever.
    INFJ: hilarious, if well-honed. they make such fantastic friends... and party buddies! down to follow people on adventures, while maintaining some sort of... decorum.
    ENFP: Cheerleaders! awesome people! But get a bit odd as they get older. As in, ten too many acid trips odd (my dad is an ENFP)

    SJ: endlessly frustrating
    ESFJ: the old men always want me to be their daughter, whether it's when I'm going to a gala, sitting in the library or waiting tables. apparently the women are the same way with young men. they just want to support something.
    ISTJ: I can feel the sarcastic burn from here

    ESFP: I'd like to use the concussed cat metaphor, but I'm actually a bit jealous of how ESFPs see things sometimes. It seems like everrything would look shinier...
    ESTP: so many failed political movements
    ISTP: basically a computer. they know everything. it's so cool.

    it goes without saying that I'm still learning, though

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourLocalJesus View Post

    INTJ - I respect your intelligence, but most of you should really get a heart and some morals to go with that big head of yours. Those of you that have developed actual feelings and empathy are some of the coolest people around.
    this is so freaking true. i have a INTJ friend who grew up with his mom. He is one of the nicest people in this world.

    but at the same time he is one of the most efficient analytical cyborg. i think he has a switch.

    one moment he is like an INFJ and the other times(at work) he is a typical INTJ.

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    I'm only going to comment on the types I feel like I've had enough irl input from to form a vague idea:

    INTJ: I agree with what YourLocalJesus said. I usually 'get' INTJs and vice-versa, but sometimes I am slightly put off by what I perceive to be a lack of emotion. Other times, I am driven to pokepokePOKE INTJs because they're not demonstrative at all (hilariously so, sometimes) and it just brings out my poking desires.

    INFP: Love this type, but it's sometimes a confused kind of love in that I can tell they're operating according to a very different set of instructions about life. I can talk to INFPs about *anything* and this is something I value greatly - the ability to have long, interesting conversations about anything at all. On the negative side I sometimes find INFPs whiny/complainy and feel an urge to stand behind them goading them along 'come on! come on! get on with it! come on!' or make them lists of steps to carry out in order to resolve whatever situation it is they're whining about. I also find most INFPs rather adorable. They're like cuddly little easily-distracted bunnies who need protecting and ...cuddling and gentle prodding to stay on task.

    ENTJ: I generally get along with other ENTJs, especially the female ones. Even if I don't get along with a male ENTJ it's often something superficial about their manner or tone, that I understand but object to in the specific context (i.e. why be such an overbearing dick in x situation? it's inappropriate etc.). Excessively workaholic male ENTJs sometimes bring out my punching urges.

    ENFP: Yes please. ENFPs are the type I want to have fun with. ENFP women would be my perfect companions for a night out carousing, and they're also damned good shopping buddies. Often they remind me of myself if I lacked certain hard edges - they're a lot more easy going than I am, much more able to live in the moment.

    ENTP: I either get along great with this type, or I strongly dislike them. I'll probably get some disagreement here but I have found ENTPs in general to be more know-it-all annoying and dickish than ENTJs! When they can chill out, though, I understand them and their style of thinking and communicating.

    INFJ: Stay away from me you fucking weirdos!
    "Only an irrational dumbass, would burn Jews." - Jaguar

    "please give concise answers in plain English" - request from Provoker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangirl View Post
    INFJ: Stay away from me you fucking weirdos!
    Excuse me, but you're the one who keeps coming onto ME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangirl View Post
    INFP: ... gentle prodding to stay on task.
    I hate needing this, I really do...
    Dreams are best served manifest and tangible.

    INFP, 6w7, IEI

    I accept no responsibility, what so ever, for the fact that I exist; I do, however, accept full responsibility for what I do while I exist.


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    Quote Originally Posted by runvardh View Post
    I hate needing this, I really do...

    I'm not ENTJ... but ISFJ is under-appreciated (being the opposite type to ENTJ i suppose):

    ISFJ- quirky, almost intuitive people that love a good joke and a laugh. Great style and love of chivalry and stuff. I don't understand their huge grudges against less feeling types though, It's almost like they think that if no feelings are show then there are none present. I've always loved writing far out crazy whacko stories and drinking with this type

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    I'm very new at this, but here are my personal observations on the confirmed types of people I've met:

    ENTJ- Youthful, Intelligent (because they are always searching or studying something), sometimes confused and honestly I think good intentions, but can be a bit lonely if they have difficulty fitting into the society around them.

    INTJ- My business partner, Intelligent (to the extreme), honest, hard-working, sometimes "too safe". This type to me is the most comfortable "in their own skin". Low Aesthetic understanding.

    INFJ- Mysterious, beautiful, but sometimes I just can't understand their thoughts. Probably not the best coworker or employee but a very good companion.

    ENFJ- Soulful, charismatic, and has a deep desire for fulfilling their role in social situations. Good Aesthetics, good philosopher, able to pull feelings out of people around them.

    ESFP- Fun, never gets bored because they are always trying something new. Great person to get out and socialize with, knows lots of people, great aesthetic understanding.

    ISTJ- Incredible worker, dutiful, wants to help but sometimes does the opposite. Not god with understanding theory and gets bored with it. Great at work because of a constant motivation to complete tasks. Males tend to try to be too chival with women, often coming across as "creepy".

    ENFP- Halarious, great friends, willing to live the moment. The one I know has great technical knowledge and an ability to put the information into "our language". A true word-warrior, always has something to say whether it is serious or sarcastic.

    ENTP- Hard to Motivate, they have their own ideas that completely are opposite of mine. I try to respect these people but also stay away from them, because working together is a complete and utter failure. But a good friend to go have a beer with. I think this type is a good actor, and is good in social situations and has many attributes that can make me envious.

    ESTP- Great friend, hard worker, sometimes gets in personal trouble. Knows when to speak and when not to (my problem). Likes facts rather than theory.

    ESFJ- Incredible social energy, fun to talk to (or listen too, lol), talks alot. Always very enthuastic an full of life. The one I know is incredibly brilliant aesthetically and is multi-lingual.

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    ENTJ - The most awesome type of course

    INTJ - I know one irl and I'm a member of their forum so I know a lot about them. They're just like us except they can be alone for weeks without looking for social interaction. Big potential for greatness if they're hard working. I'd like to have an INTJ by my side.

    ENTP - Usually very smart but easily distracted and don't finish things. I think they're brighter than most ENTJs but ENTJs are better at life because we actually finish stuff and get things done. Half of them are geeky, half of them are cool, but they are excellent company and you can learn a lot from them.

    INTP - I have a close friend who is an INTP. He's an artist and a pretty awesome one. A perfectionist, never satisfied with his work and that's what pushes him to be better. INTPs have great potential but they're usually lazy and easily distracted. Most of them never find out what they want to do with their lives. The ones that have a direction in life and that aren't lazy reach greatness (Einstein). The other 99% are just regular geeks who go to Star Wars conventions.

    ENFJ- All of the ENFJs I've met have been hot chicks, lol. They have hundreds of friends and are very easy to get along with. It's in their interest to get along with people and they might lose themselves while trying to agree with everyone. They can listen and people open up to them fast. The only problem is that they have a tendency to become attention whores and manipulative. Male ENFJs are more balanced imho.

    INFJ - I haven't tested anyone but I suspect two people I've met have been INFJ. They're also great people and hard working. They can work logically if their career demands it and are the most logical NF in my opinion. People tell them their secrets and ask them for advice often.

    ENFP - I know one and he is very good friend of mine. I can talk to him for hours without getting bored. We share the same sense of humor and he doesn't mind my brutal sarcastic remarks and rants about the world. He finds them hilarious. That's the main difference between ENFP and ENFJ. The ENFPs are very hard to offend while ENFJs are easy to offend and as an ENTJ you have to watch your language with them. ENFPs also have a tendency to become attention whores.

    INFP - hmm, an introverted version of the ENFP. Sounds awesome. Too bad I haven't met an INFP yet. They seem like a perfect spouse for me.

    ESFJ - they are social butterflies. They value family and tradition. I get them but can't form close relationships with them because there isn't much to learn from them. They are good people but they're too "down to earth" and "in the moment" for me.

    ISFJ - my mom is an ISFJ. We have our disagreements but it's hard to have a fight with her because she's such a good person. She loves me very much. She's not very bright and she doesn't know what's the capital of Japan or USA but that's not important to her. Family is important to her and she's doing a hell of a good job being the glue that is holding us together for over 20 years now. ISFJs live for other people and are very altruistic.

    ESFP - I think my best friend from childhood might have been an ESFP, and there are many other people who I suspect are ESFPs. The are easy to get along with and are usually the troublemakers in class. Great sense of humor and great pranks.

    ISFP - I really haven't met one so I can't say anything about them. I like ESFPs so I'd probably like ISFPs too.

    ESTJ - my dad's an ESTJ. Until the age of 12 I wanted to be like him and was pretty much like him. But when I went into puberty I realized I was different. I always look into the future, five steps ahead and he lives in the present. We both have a thing for efficiency but I don't like working with him because he's forceful and bossy. When he's not working he can be fun.

    ISTJ - Hard working and dependable. I'll be looking for them when I start my business.

    ESTP - The two ESTPs I know are fun to be around but they both have almost no moral values. They laugh at other people's misery and are pretty selfish. I hope other ESTPs are not like that.

    ISTP - I know only one irl. He's a good mathematician and a programmer but sometimes he can be surprisingly stupid. He doesn't know many things but if he tells you he knows how to do something then you can be sure he does.

    I could write a couple of pages about some types but I tried to keep it short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_ View Post
    ENTP - Usually very smart but easily distracted and don't finish things. I think they're brighter than most ENTJs but ENTJs are better at life because we actually finish stuff and get things done. Half of them are geeky, half of them are cool, but they are excellent company and you can learn a lot from them.
    Yea , like distracted by trolls, lepricorns , and elves.
    The fear of poverty turns people into slaves of money.

    "In this Caesar there are many Mariuses"~Sulla

    Conquer your inner demons first before you conquer the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangirl View Post
    They're like cuddly little easily-distracted bunnies who need protecting and ...cuddling and gentle prodding to stay on task.
    SO funny ... a little embarrassing ... and definitely true.
    I-71%, N-80%, F-74%, P-96%

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