Well I have thought of this for all you out there wanting to be an INTP.

1) Forget about everyone(family,friends)
2) Accept the fact that you are surrounded by idiots and no one is more intelligent than you.
3) Suppress those emotions, no matter how bad you want to express them.
4) There's no hard work involved, just browse Wikipedia all day and learn randomly.
5) Organization is a big no no.
6) You're gonna get bored, so invest some money in drugs,porn,alcohol something to keep you entertained.(Since it's just gonna be you and your mind)
7) In your plentiful spare time you might want to read some books or learn physics
8) Us INTP's never (usually) finish anything, unless it is of our extreme interest's.
I can't think of anything else right now, so if you do think of anything post it and i'll add it to the list.