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    This reminds me of the "ladder theory" except ladder theory is even more brutal. But hey lifes not fair right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    Interesting article, nothing new, but nevertheless interesting.

    They forget one thing however:

    You are biologically programmed to choose your partner based on her reproductive values. They mention the stereotypical ones like looks and youth for girls, and money, and athleticism for guys. But they forget the fact that in today's society people partner choice is easier then ever. Thanks to increased effectiveness of life we can spend way more time picking a partner specifically suited to us. Also, thanks to improved communication possibilities we can broaden our spectrum of where to look for a partner. In western society 90% of people of the opposite sex could be used to pass on your genes safely.

    All this has lead to people being much more open to other values in partners. We can be very selective when it comes to other things. We can select people based on their intellectuality, world image, values etc.. With the afore mentioned effectiveness of life and improved communication we can increase the size of the group of people we are able to choose from and thus become more picky.

    And while machismo is still very clearly visible in a lot of people, the "shallow" group of people who make a selection based only on the most basic instincts of reproduction is only a small part of the western population.

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