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    Quote Originally Posted by sciski View Post
    BTW, a good talking point is relationship ettiquette. It starts many debates as everyone has their opinion to put forward, and you'll find that other factors come into play, many of which override any S/N divide. For instance, the females will gang up to berate the males or vice versa, or the young will gang up to huff at the oldies, etc etc... it's all very juicy and a great way to get to know people better.
    This is cool. I like it.
    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by run View Post
    Its not the 'sensor' status that makes people boring. It's the fact that they're all unbalanced because they're surrounded by each other, and brought up by our S-bent educational system. And still, they're draining. What'd I do today? The same thing I did yesterday.
    It is about the motive then.

    The introverted sensor finds the world within.

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    My Easter:

    Quote Originally Posted by juggernaut View Post
    I bring the laptop and step away from the table at the earliest opportunity.

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    Family dinners are kind suck for us.

    But like, we run in to each other constantly, every day at work. So naturally the conversation topics during family dinners tend to be pretty basic and boring.

    We eat, we're done, we move on. :P

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