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Thread: ENTJ Growing up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    At the moment, I am in Michigan (near the Lansing area) chilling with family. I am twenty years old, but I'm at the maturity level of a fifteen-year-old. I'm usually in the Northwestern Indiana-Chicagoland area, unless if I'm at school in Central Indiana.

    Mm, youthful vitality.
    If you are wise enough to recognize that you have the maturity of a 15 year old, then you probably don't.

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    I kindergarten, I used to convince other kids to try to hang themselves. It was nothing personal, not out of anger and nobody was hurt, physically. It was simply out of curiosity. I wanted to see how this hanging process worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenocyde View Post
    If you are wise enough to recognize that you have the maturity of a 15 year old, then you probably don't.
    That's because Si is a bitch.
    Ti = 19 [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
    Te = 16[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
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    Fi = 15 [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
    Si = 12 [][][][][][][][][][][][]
    Ni = 12 [][][][][][][][][][][][]
    Se = 11[][][][][][][][][][][]
    Fe = 0

    Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
    Man got to sit and wonder why, why, why;
    Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
    Man got to tell himself he understand

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    Lol...not me, I could do things like simutaneously act out two different characters from a
    play with opposite personalities and not break character of either one of them goofing off
    and had a few other random talents and was hyper and easily amused when i run into my
    old grade school teachers from back in the day they say I was one of the most easily am
    used ones they ever had but I am thought of as 'too normal' because I am related to my
    brother who people described as not knowing what the word calm meant for the life of hi

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    how strong is your N?
    You kinda sound estj to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galusha View Post
    I was introverted but competitive, and kept on getting in trouble for using my Te. I remember, being in first grade, breaking up one of those play-weddings on the playground because the kids weren't eighteen and able to make the decision without parental consent. I then laid it on the "priest," because he was being irresponsible for "impersonating a justice of the peace." Of course, everyone got miffed with me, and I got in a fight with said priest (which I won, becuase there's no way my pride would let me get it from a priest, not even a fake one).

    I went to the teacher afterwards and asked why it was okay for them to break the law and why I was in trouble. He couldn't answer me. I was angry. Actually, I spent the greater part of my childhood angry, or studying, until I got to high school and realized that as idiots, I could take advantage of the same people and enjoy it a lot more than I did trying to make them understand me.

    Also very into dramatics. The only things I ever wanted to be were an actress and a dictator, and then decided to be a lawyer when I was 9 because it was a more reliable field.
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    Growing up and attending a catholic, all-boys school was a drudgery of being surrounded by conformists, all of which thought I had my head up my butt, and the feelings were obviously mutual.

    Obviously, I was the one who was right. Surprisingly, two of my high school classmates told me recently that they have decided their conformity hurt them, and I made the right decision to forge my own path, but they said they didn't think so when they were younger.

    As a result, I didn't really socialize much in high school, and had few friends. It was much easier to talk to my parents friends, who, I felt, lived in 'the real world'.

    College was much better, met many more STPs and NTs that wanted to actually get stuff done. Had mediocre-above average grades from elementary to high school, but topped most classes at college, since I got to choose them, and actually learned things I was interested in. Always did plenty of stuff outside school, and had fun. Was considered an underachiever in high school, and an overachiever in college. I think both labels are retarded.

    In a nutshell, spent most of my early years being told that everything I knew/ thought was wrong, but the older I got, the more often people came around to my point of view (which, in my opinion, was simply an accurate perception of reality).

    Like Chegra, I also always had plans to make money :-) and didn't like most teachers. They were too dumb and narrow minded.

    Like Jenocyde's sister, my sense of humor tends to be on the sharper side, over the years I've toned it down around people that don't know me well. But I don't mean to be mean - and have no problem taking what I dish out. My INTP younger sister constantly rolls her eyes about how 'bad' I am, but she's always laughing about it so I cannot take her seriously.
    Your sister sounds cool - I like people who can have fun with their 'J'.

    Like Kangirl, people I related best to were much older. Didn't really make me very popular in middle school, though I always had a few, close friends. And college was much better.

    I'm sorry, but you have to die.

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