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    Quote Originally Posted by 21lux View Post
    I love that about this forum. One time the intjforum deleted my post for necroing my own thread (which was one month old). I haven't been back since.
    Good lord...the INTJ forums are so anal and controlling about the way the site looks and functions that it just makes me want to throw tomatoes all over the walls to be more free and messy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazaki View Post
    ...Ok, so I am 7 years late.
    But I have some things to say. First of all, I am an ENTP and my darling wife (ISFJ) is currently screwing me over by having an emotional affair with an ENTJ. It's a pretty full on relationship to be honest.
    Apparently ISFJ's have some sort of duality with the entj? Although other resources claim they are best suited to other types.
    But anyway, if you are simply asking who in general has more power, than the ENTJ is a clear winner. Speaking for myself, I have no desire for power. I don't like controlling people, I like to provide people with the necessary advice/wisdom to make the right decisions, and rarely ever use manipulation as a form of a control.
    For example, the only times when I really use manipulation is to guide someone to an understanding, not to an action of my choice...but I still have great manipulative skills if I choose to use them for evil. In fact, it is probably a good thing ENTPs dont like to control people, because our moral obscurity could lead to some pretty questionable behaviour.

    What is clear is that the ENTP has to want the power, or it is a no contest. With that said, if we are talking about the full skillset of each type and their overall potential for power in a fight to the death, then the entp wins. From a strategic point of view, the ENTPs overall strategic plan for power is likely to be better - even if it is made up as they go - but the ENTJ will better at fine tuning their strategy and implementing it quickly.

    The entp has no limits on the possibilities for power that exist in the world. The entp would have a better grasp of power in its many forms and be more creative in ways to achieve it. The ENTP would be obtaining types of power that the entj had never even thought or even knew existed ...and the entp would use the power to destroy the ENTJ with an ever adaptive counter strategy. The distinct advantage of understanding the surrounding environment quickly and in its entirety means that when an ENTP wants something and the motivation is there, they are very hard to stop.

    In this case, destroying some dirtbag ENTJ who is hooking in with my wife would be suffice motivation...or perhaps even a bowel of delicious ice cream.
    Duality is something that exists in the theory of Socionics. The MBTI ISFJ translates to SEI-ISFp in Socionics. So which is it, is it ESI-ISFj which translates to ISFP in MBTI or the other way around? Because the irony here is that SEI-ISFp is the dual of the ILE-ENTp in socionics.

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    Is this a serious question:

    OK let me 'end' the thread.

    ENTJs overall are attracted to and driven by a desire for power (don't lie guys, you are, it's okey)
    ENTPs overall are attracted to and driven by a desire for and the thrill of inspiration (for lack of a better word)

    So yes entjs are more powerful because they seek power. ENTPs don't (comparatively as a type).

    Now if we want to talk about other things.
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    I don't believe in simplistic answers and this question isn't exception.


    Typical ENTP < ENTJs < ENTP without conscious

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