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    Quote Originally Posted by Natrushka View Post
    I think they've got to you, FM.
    Mon Dieu!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    My early life was in an eastern country, and that one valued extraversion more (perhaps more so than the U.S.). I don't know about Japan in particular.

    I am close on the N/S and T/F and actually even sometimes on the J/P. I am extremely I. However, I am still not sure why it is good to be an I, or a P, let alone an IxxP.

    What could possibly be the value to others that I am an introvert instead of an Extravert?

    What could possibly be the value to others that I am a perciever instead of a judger?
    It's very easy to see why I's are useful in both a practical and personal way. In general I's seek depth over breadth (and inversly E's tend more toward breadth than depth). So in a practical sense I's have an easier time specializing. In the modern world specialists are in high demand in a variety of fields (Doctor, Lawyer, etc...). And in a personal sense all people crave intimacy. I's tend to prefer a few close friends over a plethora of acquaintences. I's have an easier time establishing and maintaining intimacy with the people they like than E's do. The hard part for I's is finding the calibur of person that they want to connect with. Once the person is found though, then I's have an advantage.

    Likewise P's have their advantages over J's. P's are better in situations that require independence or immediate response. NP's often excel in fields requiring exceptional knowledge and/or communication skills. And on a personal level P's being perceptive are often more understanding of the differences among different types of people. P's usually have an easier time keeping a level head and reacting appropriately in an emergency situation. (This is not to say that J's do not have advantages over P's, only that every type has it's strengths and weaknesses.)

    Many ESJ's mistakenly believe that the ESJ way is always the best for everyone. Unfortunately many of the other types can be lead to believe this is true until they become older and wiser. However, there are niches out there for each of the types, regardless of what the common ESJ wisdom would have you believe. Each type will have situations where they are naturally strongest and also other situations where they are naturally weak.
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    This is not a rant about extroverts. It is criticism of a pervasive attitude in society that is reinforced by extroverts and introverts alike.

    I think it says something that so many people believe extroverts to be in the majority. It seems that a whole lot of introverts are pretending to be extroverts because it is expected of them, and there is a social stigma against introversion.

    I have tried to explain to many people that I am introverted but not shy and the very concept that these are two separate things seems to blow their mind. Most people I say this to can't imagine how a person could be non-social unless they are filled with anxiety or hate or something of the sort. They can't seem to imagine that when I sit home reading a book on Friday night, that I'm actually not lonely and filled with misery, but that I do indeed enjoy it.

    Many people have tried to take me under their wing and fix me of my introversion. Sometimes boys use it as a ploy to get a date. They figure if they can rescue me by making me lots of friends and putting me into situations that require socializing until they've turned me into a social butterfly, then I'll pronounce them my hero and fall desperately in love with them for saving me.

    I'm not even going to get into how many people command me to smile all the time. It drives me completely insane.

    Of course, I'm sure this forum has people from many different cultural backgrounds, genders, races, classes, and so forth and what one of us has experienced thoughout our life won't necessarily apply to others. We tend to be middle-class-White-American-centric on English-speaking internet communities. My experience as a White woman who has lived in various Western countries is that ESTJ is considered to be the ideal type, and anyone else is considered broken until they mold themselves into that type.

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