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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsWhatHeSaid View Post
    Well, debating definitions seems kinda silly, but when I reflect on my personal experience, it IS a process of gathering information, and that's generally how the second function is defined, sooooo...
    true, but definitions need to be set for effective communication.

    no, i meant when you compare something with pervious life experience, it USUALLY has more to do with the introversive side of things...or thats what i got from reading all around this place called the internet

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    After giving this enough thought to be fair to it, my mind doesn't work in any way your examples will cover. Too many huge leaps, random thoughts and crazy connections to put together in a way that any of your answers will work.

    It would be more as follows:

    you see a a man sweeping small twigs and leaves into pile.
    Those are big leaves, reminds me of tracing leaves in kindergarden, I wonder what happened to that crazy teacher I had with the big toenail that looked like a shell.

    Or if I'm going to head in your line of thinking. Those boots are norwegian welt stitched, that's not cheap. I wonder why this guy has those boots, his hands are worn, he doesn't mind hard work but clearly has money. Maybe he just likes quality boots.

    you walk a little farther and then you see a hole being dug by a teen wearing a safety vest.
    I don't like the vibe this kids putting off. I wish the guy in the boots would come bludgeon this dirt bag with his broom!

    there is a generous 50 yr old lady feeding some birds.

    PS How did we conclude the lady was generous?

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    For me it works like this:

    Ne is like google. When your mind works like google, you can think about anything without limitations. An Ne brain pretty much functions like google.

    To define Ne is impossible, because to me anything can be Ne, and the definition of anything is infinite.

    Ti on the other hand is like a dictionary. I comes up with defintions and things. that is why talking to INTP is sometimes like tqalking to a dictionary.
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