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    I like to take events and think about how they could have been different. Or incorporate them into my current ongoing daydreaming and alter them... My husband relives and replays events over and over again. He revisits them in his head (I can tell because often he speaks out loud while doing this) and he rehashes things with me over and over (as you can probably tell this drives me nuts, but I suspect that is more of a J thing - he goes back and talks about things like they haven't been decided and that annoys the part of me that has moved on because they HAVE been decided.)

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    I do this all the time, replaying events or playing out events that have yet to happen, all in detail as if sleeping and dreaming with my eyes open. I live in a dream world that goes like that the majority of the time.

    Walking down the road replaying events, major, minor all hitting me at different stages, to music, during a film, or a book, I am one of those people you see sometimes giggling to themselves on a bus or a train as a replay event makes me blush or wish it would go away and never be a memory of mine again.

    I wish I didn't do it as it's very distracting, and alot of the stuff I don't want to keep replaying. Eventually I gain some type of resolution and replay it less but even then I can still end up dwelling again at some stage down the line.
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