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Thread: I heart INTJs

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    wow, i dont think i would be wearing all that make-up and i can do faces other people cant :-p

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    Thoughts? Sounds like you're a straight up INTJ-molester. Creepy dude. But jokes aside if you find a goofy, chirpy INTJ female there's a high chance she's not been broken in yet so you're sort of like playing with a prototype which are always fun until the real product gets released. Then your heart's getting ripped out.
    Veni, Vidi, Cessi.

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    The only people that I feel like me are those positive, cheery, jumpy and kind of dingy type girl and the extremely shy and quite individual who like watching me treat alpha types like common joe's.

    And to be honest, they're my favorite people too. When I stare, I am analyzing you and these 2 types of people are open books. They don't hide behind anything.

    I love and respect that so much. Thank God for you people. There should be more of you guys and you deserve a lot more respect then society gives you.

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