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    Default NS' wisdom-filled thread

    I realised that I learn something new everyday. So I will post about it in a separate thread that isn't my exceedingly emo blog thread.

    My friend has a plantar wart on her foot. We had a very confusing argument about HPV (which causes warts) versus herpes.

    So it ended with (as documented by IM):
    me: so you don't have hpv?
    then how do you know that you don't have herpes?
    you don't have herpes
    there's no such thing as foot herpes
    according to wiki
    unless it's a rare form of herpetic whitlow

    So. Lessons of the day:
    1) Herpes is caused by another virus, not HPV.
    2) Both HPV and herpes cause warts/sores so it can be confusing.
    3) But foot warts are caused by HPV, unless you're really unlucky and have whatever rare crappy foot-warty herpes.
    4) Wiki has a really awesome animated gif of a wart being treated.
    5) My friend has HPV and should get some gardasil.

    Till tomorrow, good night.

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    And ? Everyone knows that HPV causes warts.. zzz

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