I have always found myself in a very free-will mode when it comes to others...as it is what I desire for myself.
I want what I think, feel, want etc to be respected.

My emotions can be so fragile when I do choose to give them away...which is indeed very rare.....that I used to try like hell to manipulate keeping others in range of what I would consider safe in a relationship.
Never worked....
Now I just flee from anyone I see not capable of handling that in me...as I am aware people dont change in their core basics...just as I haven't.
I dont give them the chance.
My ENTJ friend gets upset with me, she thinks I am 'closing' down on humanity...and in a sense I am. There have been very few who have given as deeply and purely as I have been willing to do when I am totally connected. Even my own parents.
Growing is one thing, changing to your core is another.