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    E and I NTJs... love 'em.

    I miss my ENTJ very much.

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    It's in the eyes. There is something about the brow line of an ENTJ that I can spot a mile away. I can feel if there is one in the area... I insta-coy. I don't know why. Just natural reaction. There is no other personality type that makes me feel as naked as an ENTJ. Good thing I'm ok with my naked self.

    Good things -
    1) Most of those are in private. I like having a private world and keeping their secrets.
    2) They are incredible gift givers. That's always surprised me. They can give you gifts that are so perfect and so touching that it makes you speechless. You just can't expect it to happen in a traditional manner.
    3) Intensity. Wow.
    4) Passionate. Add 3 and 4 together and you have fireworks.
    5) There is no BS. If you need someone to cut to the core of an issue, this is the person you are looking for.
    6) They will talk forever. Go forever. Constantly challenge your way of thinking. Inspire you to higher places. They can motivate like no other. See farther down the road than anyone I have ever encountered.
    7) It's all hardcore. They think hardcore. They care hardcore. They play hardcore. They fire you up and send you charging into battle.
    8) With people they care about #7 translates into being protective, thoughtful, and attentive.

    Okay, that's enough. Someone will end up with a bighead.

    I have four ENTJs in my life. Dad, Stepmom, Husband (borderline J/P) and Son. Can't swing a cat without hitting one and I love it!!
    "We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its end; which stands related to all things; which is the mean of many extremes." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    [QUOTE=phoenix13;1071400]You take care of the people in your circle, you cook me meat, you're logical yet warm and passionate, you're easy to understand, your demeanor is really really hot, and you cook me meat.

    Wow it's like you took the words right out of my brain.

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    I had an ENTJ boss who was also a banker and a prick. Very manipulative and deliberate body language, extremely self confident, really looked the part. His ESFP joker CEO foolishly bragged about his partner's convincing and showmanship abilities.

    However, I managed to make him feel very uncomfortable by explaining in real time to other people present all the alpha male characteristics he was displaying from his body positions to the tone of voice to basically everything. He knew I could see right through it and it must have been a first because it took him completely off guard.

    When he pointed his "convincing" leader bazooka at me and tried to manipulate me I saw right through it and kept restating my point asking for a straight answer, at that time he began to cross his legs and play with his pen.

    I have intellectually f***ed this idiot from behind, in public, and it was so, much, fun.

    Some ENTJs can be great no doubt but we all can suck when we're not developed and can't give our best to others. The particular way in which ENTJs suck when they're not spiritually developed is that they are arrogant overbearing creatures with very little depth.

    I do want to meet ENTJ women. Most women are utterly boring and flat. Someone with character and confidence but not crazy or irrational is just ideal. I chatted with one once and we got along well but she was from... Macedonia.

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    Nah, most of you ENTJs are just fine in my dog-earred book. (key word: most)

    You guys are the most "candid" type, I think. You don't beat around the bush. Neither do ESTJs though...they only beat dead horses.
    3w4-9w1-?w6 (nearly headless nick)
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