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    Quote Originally Posted by Costrin View Post
    Consider that there might be other premises that precluded telling you about the smoke. Maybe he didn't want to hurt your feelings, maybe he wanted to avoid conflict, maybe he didn't want to seem selfish, maybe any millions of possibilities.

    Though, I'm probably getting off into too much of a theoretical perspective here. Yes, if the only premise was needing to leave in cars efficiently, then your dad's actions could be seen as irrational. Not knowing the full situation, I can only speculate, and therefore I suppose I shall leave the judging of that to you.

    ie, I'm backin' out of this argument.

    Fair enough. Just to note though, I do agree that in real life, there is no one clean cut premise. If it were, we'd be mere computers.

    But, for this exercise in logic, and for any exercise in logic, just know:

    It's just comes down to one thing - premise that is stated. conclusion that is reached. Steps in between - logically follow from the premise or not to reach the conclusion.

    prove that, and you're golden.

    Thanks though for indulging me...I woke up and Daylight savings forgot to inform me, so, I'm feeling a bit this afternoon.

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    to me being compassionate and affectionate often relies on a more subjective oriented thinking process, while being "intelligent" is more seen as an objective thought process preference

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