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    I'm alive by pure lucky chance and so I'm going to make the most of it. It may seem silly but its not easy to know what will make me happy and it's constantly changing so I guess continuously seeking happiness is my main goal/meaning to life as well as experiencing all that I can in the unknown length of time I have here. I think continuously finding happiness means experiencing the pains and emotions associated with life and then finding peace from that. So having decided that, it draws more motivation from me to find the F in me but I doubt I'll ever type as an F.

    I read somewhere in my internet research on MBTI that as we mature we become more like our opposites as is personal growth and also that there are degrees of introvertedness and extrovertedness, they are not exactly separate like the others.
    I'm new to MBIT so feel free to correct me here.

    Depending on my mood I can come up as an INTJ or ISTJ and both descriptions fit, alone they are lacking. I would of preferred to fit exactly into one type myself.

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    My meaning is this: to truly be. To affect others, and the world around me, and leave it a bit better than before I was here. To experience every possible pleasurable thing I can be a part of - which for me primarily consists of jumping from cliffs into water or a plane with a parachute attached, or being dragged behind a kite while strapped to a board, or twirling lengths of rope with balls of fire at the end in streaking patterns the eye can't follow.

    To learn tumbling and how to play an instrument. To go out with a bang and a flame and remind those who come after me that even when you become ash, the memories of what you do can make others have a rollicking wake in your honour.

    To share with others that (for some) you can be completely happy without owning large amounts of unnecessary possessions. That experiences are the only pieces of property you get to take with you everywhere, the only things that can never be taken from you and which are the most precious.

    That you can walk solitarily through life and still love it, while remembering that all the bad along the way is just as much a part of it, a melancholy you can use to further your self.

    Oh, and that you don't have to be remembered in the history books to have a grand life, one that you can enjoy to the fullest.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsWhatHeSaid View Post
    THERE IS NO MEANING OF LIFE. But people are not willing to accept this because they're afraid. Most people create meaning out of their jobs, or their families, or their relationships, making sure their partners are faithful and interested. A lot of people make social approval the meaning of life, even if they won't acknowledge it in a conversation. Others, like me, obsess about perfecting and understanding their personality and their surroundings. They're striving for things, all day, all night, because they think this is what life is about. They're unwilling or unable to really accept the truth about life, which is that it has no meaning. That realization is actually extremely comforting and beautiful, because it evaporates the boundaries between you and the world and cures people's fear of loneliness.
    But if one creates meaning from nothing - finds or creates it in their work, or another person - does that not give meaning to their life? I can agree that to some there is no inherent meaning when they are first born - but are you also saying that it cannot be found? In that, I would disagree. (I'm not sure which you are saying.)

    The journey is worth nothing without closure. Because the journey itself was meaningless in the first place. Erring into nothingness.
    Why is it worth nothing to you?

    What makes it meaningless?

    Do you think that applies to everyone, or are you simply speaking for yourself?

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